How Did Ant Anstead Propose to Christina El Moussa? The Couple Reveals!

Christina and Anstead | Christina El Moussa via Instagram

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead have been a pretty low key couple. So low key that they secretly got married. Fans are probably wondering when and how Anstead proposed to the house flipper. Here is everything to know about the proposal and more.

Ant Anstead proposed on the beach months before their wedding

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead
| Christina El Moussa via Instagram

The British host revealed that he got down on one knee at the beach. “I did the proposal on Newport Beach on the sand with some champagne at sunset,” Anstead told People. The surprise came after they rode their bikes along the ocean.

“He was like, ‘Let’s just go for a bike ride’ and we were going to grab dinner,” explained El Moussa. “We were watching the sunset, and then all of a sudden he just got on his knee and proposed. So yes, I was surprised.”

He almost got caught buying the engagement ring

Christina and Ant Anstead
Christina and Ant Anstead | Instagram via christinaelmoussa

The couple’s wedding really came as a surprise to fans. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t almost get busted. “I called on [El Moussa’s] best friend, Cassie, and I said, ‘Look, we need to go ring shopping,’” revealed Anstead. “We walked into a jeweler and I started looking at rings. And then I heard a customer go, ‘Oh my god it’s Ant from Wheelers and Dealers.’ And I just turned and walked out the shop. And Cassie is left in there going, ‘Ant? Ant?’” He added, “We’ve had a few narrow escapes.”

Their wedding and engagement was a surprise to some of their friends and family. They had a backyard wedding with 70 of them. After Christina El Moussa walked down the aisle she announced, “Surprise! We’re getting married!” to shocked guests.

So why didn’t the couple want to reveal it to the world? “It’s different for us now. We didn’t want all the fuss. Just a quiet wedding without all the drama and paparazzi,” Moussa told People.

The newlyweds revealed how they celebrated New Year’s Eve together

Anstead posted a jar on Instagram to reveal how the two celebrated New Year’s Eve. The caption read, “This time last year @christinaelmoussa and I started filling this jar! We called it the “pink pot”! Every time we did something special we wrote it down and placed it in the jar! And I’m not talking cool stuff, I’m talking only the exceptional moments! The MEGA stuff! And tonight (a year later) we open a jar that is jammed FULL.”

The caption of course also mentioned their wedding. “We blended our two beautiful families, we have seen and done bucket list stuff and topped off what has been the most amazing year with our marriage!”

It should be interesting to see what the couple will be up to in 2019. One thing that has already been announced is that Christina El Moussa is getting her own show where she will be transforming homes in Southern California. The new show will premiere early 2019.

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