How Did Ariana Grande Honor Mac Miller During Opening Night Of Her ‘Sweetener’ Tour?

Its been six months since Mac Miller’s tragic passing and many are still doing all they can to make sure his memory lives on forever, especially Ariana Grande.

The singer just kicked off her Sweetener Tour in New York and decided to begin the night with a touching tribute to her ex-boyfriend.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller
Ariana Grande and Mac Miller| Ariana Grande via Instagram

She had his songs playing in the venue

On March 18, Ariana Grande kicked off her well-awaited Sweetener Tour in Albany, New York at the Times Union Center.

As fans made their way into the venue trying to find their seats and mingle with fellow Arianators, they noticed that Mac Miller’s songs were playing through the speakers.

Usually, artists will play hit songs of today through the speakers before they take the stage, but Ariana Grande wanted fans to hear Mac Miller’s music as a sweet gesture and show everyone just how much he is missed.

Miller died from an accidental overdose on September 7 and Ariana Grande has been taking his death pretty hard ever since.

Fans knew how much Miller meant to the singer and instantly took to Twitter to reveal the singer’s touching tribute to her ex.

Concert-goers were in a frenzy on social media

While they waited for Ariana Grande to the stage for the very first show of her tour, fans attending the concert took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the singer paying tribute to Mac Miller during her concert.

One fan tweeted, “Ariana Grande had Mac Miller’s music playing while people got into their seats for her concert.”

Another fan went on to write, “Ariana Grande is playing Mac Miller right before her opening song for Sweetener tour rn and my heart can’t handle it SO MANY TEARS.”

Fans did not specify which songs of Mac Miller’s were being played in the venue, but many praised Grande for incorporating the rapper into her show.

Miller’s songs soon stopped playing and Ariana Grande took the stage with fans going crazy in the audience.

Her first song of the concert was “raindrops (an angel cried)”- which was very fitting since many fans believe is about Mac Miller.

This is not the first time she has paid tribute to Miller

Even though many saw it as a touching gesture, this was not the first time Ariana Grande honored Mac Miller’s memory.

Back in February, the singer shared a few pictures of herself wearing a stunning baby blue Zac Posen gown that she would’ve worn if she attended the 2019 Grammy Awards.

The singer was said to look just like Cinderella and many believed she was paying tribute to Mac Miller’s song Cinderella, which is a song that was revealed to be about Grande.

The singer has also shared many photos and videos of Miller since his passing.

Even though Grande revealed that she would not be performing the song “ghostin”, which is about Mac Miller, on stage, many can guess that this will not the be last time Ariana Grande honors her ex-boyfriend on tour.