How Did Cardi B Get So Involved in Politics?

Cardi B is one of the hottest stars of the moment, and regularly makes headlines for her catchy songs, racy lyrics, and most recently, her turbulent relationship with her partner Offset. Cardi B has also been in the news for her strong political leanings, which she voices through her social media for the benefit of her millions of followers.

While there are those who think that celebrities should stay well away from politics, Cardi B shows no indication that she will stay silent on the issues that matter the most to her.

Cardi B’s early political comments

It’s nothing new for Cardi B to be vocal about her political leanings. In 2016, during the controversial and divisive presidential election, Cardi B publicly sided with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. In an Instagram post, Cardi B declared that she was terrified of the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president and that everyone should go out and vote for “Daddy Bernie.”

The following year, after Trump was sworn into office, the rap superstar got more vocal than ever on social media. When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Cardi B took to Twitter to declare that President Trump had not yet done anything for the flood-ravaged zone and that Puerto Rico was still part of the United States. Later that same month, she spoke out about the drama surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s NFL protests and Trump’s reaction to it, stating that she believes that there were better ways for the president to spend his time.

Cardi B’s interests extend to taxes as well – the rapper has posted videos where she wonders out loud where her tax money goes when there are so many problems with public sanitation in New York City, where she lives. She has also spoken out about gun control, and the restrictions that she believes should be in place. 

Reaction to Cardi B’s political stance

Many believe that Cardi B should stay well away from politics and that celebrities, in general, should not have a voice regarding the political process. However, Cardi B’s interest in politics goes deeper than just surface reaction, and the red-hot rapper has stated that she actually has an active curiosity regarding the political system, how government functions, and presidential history. She cited her fascination with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and said that even though she would never get into politics herself, she intends to stay up to date with news of the world, as she believes every good citizen should.

In her latest political rant, which she published via Instagram following the government shutdown in January, Cardi B expressed her frustration with the state of the country. Not only did the video go viral immediately, but it placed the rapper at the forefront of a hot debate about whether or not the opinions of celebrities should be taken into consideration by those in political office. Of course, it also got her into a much-publicized feud with conservative talk show host and commentator Tomi Lahren. Lahren replied to Cardi B’s video on Twitter, declaring that Cardi B’s remarks were “moronic,” which prompted Cardi B to clap back, calling Lahren a sheep. After going back and forth on Twitter for a while, Cardi B signaled an end to the debate by saying that regardless of who harasses her via social media, she isn’t backing down.

Whether or not everyone takes her seriously, Cardi B isn’t quieting down anytime soon. Her fans know that her heart is in the right place, and they love her open, honest nature. With the 2020 election right around the corner, it will be interesting to see which candidates Cardi B aligns herself with.