How Did Fans React to Reports That Lisa Vanderpump Quit ‘RHOBH?’

Although she hasn’t officially said, “I quit” multiple media sources report that Lisa Vanderpump has made the decision to leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Vanderpump has been completely split from the cast after her explosive fight with Kyle Richards are her home. Plus it appears she is barely filming for the show whatsoever.

RHOBH season 8 cast | Tommy Garcia/Bravo via Getty Images

She recently expressed exactly how she feels in a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show clip. She is clearly 100% done with the women, asserting they ganged up on her. Plus she adds how busy she is with her philanthropic work and multiple restaurants. Richards says she would prefer Vanderpump return to filming so they could work it out but that now seems to be an impossible wish.

She is still involved with ‘Vanderpump Rules’

RHOBH isn’t Vanderpump’s only Bravo network show. In fact, friend Lance Bass once advised her to pivot away from RHOBH and focus instead on Vanderpump Rules. Bass sees Vanderpump Rules as “a better show anyway.”

Vanderpump Rules, while still delivering a boatload of drama, has most of it focused mainly on the people who work for Vanderpump. And not Vanderpump herself. While her spin-off show has been a huge ratings boon for the network, Radar Online reports Vanderpump Rules may be in jeopardy for Bravo.

Andy Cohen, Lisa Vanderpump |Photo by Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In her RHOBH After Show clip, Vanderpump recounted a lengthy list of her charitable and activist efforts. However, she asserts that Bravo failed to show these deeds and is tired of being “disrespected.” She is rumored to be looking for options for Vanderpump Rules. Plus the anonymous source insisted that “Lisa always wins.” Vanderpump has since refuted the Radar Online story.

Fan reaction was surprisingly split

After a season of Twitter being flooded with” Team Vanderpump” fans, reaction to her departure seems to be split. Kate Chastain’s sharp wit was on full display as the Below Deck chief stew pointed out the irony of the news source that broke the story. “I mean….I totally get why LVP is leaving #RHOBH and I’d probably do the same if I were her… however I probably would have made sure this was NOT the first outlet to break the news, all things considered,” Chastain tweeted. Radar Online broke the controversial “puppy gate” story.

Several fans, of course, vowed to never watch the show again. “I’ll no longer be tweeting about #RHOBH,” another person wrote. “The only way to be really heard is with silence. We have one episode left with @LisaVanderpump during the season finale. Save your energy and let’s give her a huge online send off.”

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump |Photo by Tara Ziemba/FilmMagic

But then there were the tweets that were like “byyeeee.” This fan wrote, “Hi, my name is Lisa Vanderpump. I am a backstabbing, conniving, and manipulative. I have found myself tangled in my own web of lies.” Adding that she is running away and quitting.

Of course, Bravo producer Andy Cohen took to Twitter to request questions for the RHOBH reunion. A flood of fans had Vanderpump questions, which will be an elephant in the room that simply cannot be avoided.