How Did Kate Middleton’s Friendship With Queen Elizabeth Grow Over the Years?

It is no surprise that Queen Elizabeth has relaxed a bit over the years. She has been more open and accepting of her family’s choices. It makes sense that as the world becomes more accepting, the monarchy would need to follow suit.

While there was a lot of speculation over how the queen would handle her grandson’s chosen wife, it turns out the worry may have been for nothing. Kate Middleton has been praised lately for the seamless way she seems to have handled becoming a royal, and keeping with all of her duties. This on the heels of the media’s comparison between her and Meghan Markle, and the queen’s apparent favorite.

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth
Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth | Phil Noble-WPA Pool/Getty Images

The two women seem to be thick as thieves, but was it always like that? From the time they first met to the last event they accompanied together, Middleton and the queen’s friendship has grown a lot over the years. Here’s what we think about their friendship.

The first time Kate Middleton met Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton actually met Queen Elizabeth before she was married to Prince William. They were all in attendance at a royal wedding, and the queen came over to meet her future granddaughter in law, reports Bazaar.

According to Prince William, the pair hit it off very well. At that point in the Duke and Duchess’ relationship, the press was taking a lot of notice. Queen Elizabeth probably knew that things were getting serious, and she wanted to meet her.

From that point all the way until their own wedding, Middleton had many meetings with the Queen. It turns out that Kate Middleton has a lot of the characteristics that Queen Elizabeth would expect from a future royal family member.

The Duchess of Cambridge shows her respect

Even though Queen Elizabeth has relaxed many of her rules and expectations, she still demands respect. She also believes in tradition, and Kate Middleton seems to follow the Queen’s lead.

It is different than the way her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, respects the queen. Middleton grew up in the same culture and seems to understand what royalty is all about. Since the Queen prefers to keep with tradition and ranking on all things royal, it makes sense that she would keep Middleton close by her side.

After all, Kate Middleton is going to be Queen consort herself someday, so she will need to know a lot. Both Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are strong and resilient. They also seem to have a lot in common.

How did Kate Middleton’s friendship with Queen Elizabeth grow over the years?

One of the reason’s Middleton and the queen get along is that they have a lot in common. Back in the day, Prince Philip was rumored to be cheating on Queen Elizabeth more than once. There was more than enough evidence. There was also pressure from her husband to have more power.

Queen Elizabeth never gave in or broke from tradition. She also never divorced or separated from her husband, because that would detract from her position. Royals are not supposed to get divorced after all.

All these years later and Kate Middleton is going through another bought of infidelity rumors with the press, and we can’t help but wonder if that helps the two women bond even more.

It could also be the little things Kate does to make the Queen feel welcomed and special, like the time she made homemade chutney for the Queen’s Christmas present. It was a family recipe she learned from her own grandmother, making the gift very sentimental.

She also goes out of her way to make the queen a valuable part of her children’s lives. It is almost as if they both realize how precious this time is, and neither one wants to waste it.