How Did Kim Kardashian West and Winnie Harlow Come To Be Friends and Business Partners?

Kim Kardashian West has had her fair share of celebrity friends but her newfound relationship with Winnie Harlow is on a different level.

The reality star and the supermodel share many things in common and have established such a solid bond in only the span of a few hours.

Kim Kardashian West's friendship with Winnie Harlow
Kim Kardashian West and Winnie Harlow appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Now that they’ve worked on a new makeup collection together, many of us can’t help but wonder how Kardashian and Harlow came to be such close friends?

Kardashian and Harlow bonded very quickly

When fellow celebrities are part of the same inner circle, it is inevitable that they will eventually become friends.

However, in Kim Kardashian West and Winnie Harlow’s case, these two women became close friends at the drop of a hat.

While appearing on a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kardashian West and Harlow opened up about their instant connection and how they came to bond over their autoimmune conditions.

“I feel like we’ve seen each other for a while and there was something that I really needed advice on from Winnie about autoimmune issues that I was having,” the reality star shared. “I didn’t even know Winnie, I think I asked Kendall or someone for her number.”

Kardashian recently tested positive for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis while Harlow was diagnosed with the chronic skin condition vitiligo at the age of four.

Though it was a scary diagnosis for the reality star, she realized that Harlow was the one person who understood what it’s like living with a similar condition.

Turning to Harlow, Kardashian said, “I text you and I was like, ‘hey it’s Kim K. this is super weird that I’m reaching out to you but I wonder if you would be open to talking to me about some of your autoimmune issues because I’m suffering from them and I have people close to me that are.'”

Once they started talking, the reality star and the supermodel bonded instantly and now consider each other close friends.

“I really wanted her opinion and advice and she was like, “Absolutely! Call me,” Kardashian recalls. “So we spoke and she gave me the best advice and I feel we just bonded from there and started our relationship from that.”

“We spoke for like an hour,” Harlow shared.

They teamed up for a brand new makeup collection

On top of being friends, Kim Kardashian West and Winnie Harlow are now business partners.

The two women have collborated on a new makeup collection for Kardashian’s KKW beauty brand called KKW x Winnie.

The collection will feature a 12-pan eyshadow palette, a highlighter duo and three lip glosses, all of which Kardashian and Harlow worked closely on to perfect.

With the reality star having always been a fan of Harlow, there was no better reason for them to finally collaborate on a makeup collection.

Although this was the first time Harlow has done a makeup collaboration, she recently revealed that working alongside Kardashian helped her learn so much about the industry.

“I have no experience in the beauty industry and she’s been doing this for quite some time,” the model explained to Fallon. “Being able to go over to Kim’s house and have her tell me about different textures and packaging, all of the behind the scenes stuff that is more than the colors was really amazing for me.”

Kardashian even admitted that she enjoyed every second of working alongside Harlow and made sure that this collection was “full Winnie”.

“I wanted it to be the colors that she likes, exactly everything that she would wear, and she brought amazing things that I wouldn’t have even thought of,” Kardashian shared.

“Just seeing what she really wanted, I just wanted that to come to life for her and have this be her everyday palette that she can use day, night, all the time,” she continued “It was really fun for me to have collaborated with Winnie.”

The KKW x Winnie collection will launch on September 13 at 12pm PST.