How Did Paul Walker Die and How Does His Legacy Continue Today?

Paul walker is remembered and loved among many, bringing joy to families and friends around the world through his charismatic character in the Fast and the Furious series among other films.

It was a horrific shock when the news broke in 2013 that the celeb had died in a car accident. At only 40 years old, the star lived an incredibly enjoyable life.

He is remembered through his hard work in movies, his fellow co-stars, and the entertainment industry abroad. Now, only six years after his death, there is talk about bringing his character back for one last bang on the well-known series. 

Paul Walker’s car accident

Paul Walker on the red carpet
Paul Walker | Chris Polk/FilmMagic

On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker lost his life in a tragic accident in Los Angeles. Being a passenger in the car, while friend and advisor Roger Rodas drove, the two suffered fatal injuries in a reported 100mph crash. It’s said that Rodas lost control of the speeding vehicle which then caused the car to spin around and strike a light pole, a tree, as well as several other objects.

The coroner report proved that no substance abuse had play in the incident, and traumatic injuries were the ultimate cause of death. With the car on fire and almost split in half, it is sad to comprehend the fatality of the wreck. 

Remembering Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

Mr. Walker definitely takes the primary seat in remembering the lives of himself and Roger Rodas, but family and friends look back on the time they shared with fond hearts. 

Dwayne Johnson recently shared a heartfelt message in regards to his friendship with Paul Walker. He discussed how beautiful life is and how valuable friendship can be, pointing out the importance of living life to the fullest.

The message warmed the hearts of many and left people feeling nostalgic for the friendship the duo shared on and off-screen. 

With the Fast and the Furious franchise being popular from the very first movie, many people remember Paul Walker from other films as well. When watching them, it almost feels like watching a tribute to the great actor. From starring in Walt Disney films like Eight Below to working alongside Clint Eastwood in Flags of Our Fathers, Walker was adored for his ability to bring any role to life. 

It almost seems like Paul can speak to us from the afterlife through his amazing work, and we will always remember how he became part of family nights with his charismatic acting. 

Will Paul Walker appear in a future ‘Fast and the Furious’ movie?

Straight from the grave, almost, there has been talk of the star being showcased in the newest Fast and the Furious film.

While it is unclear and definitely not confirmed, it appears Walker’s brother has been visiting the production of the latest project, enabling fans to have a little hope they’ll once again be reunited with the long lost and very loved Character Paul played in the newest release of the films.

The franchise has done well at keeping the memory of Walker alive throughout the series, but is it possible to bring him back in a sense? If it is, would fans truly be okay with it and what would be the most respectful way to do so?

Even if Walker doesn’t make a ghostly appearance, his on-screen wife Jordana Brewster has made it clear she’s excited to return. Aiming for a more aggressive role for Mia and keeping her lips sealed on whether the new production will pay tribute to Walker, she’s showing just how happy she is to reunite with her onscreen family. 

Whether it be remembering Paul through charity, showcasing the top 5 best cars of the franchise, or simply posting a loving message on social media. It’s clear Walker lives on in the hearts of many.