How Did Prince William Know Kate Middleton Was the One?

It seems like Prince William and Kate Middleton are a match made in heaven! The future king and his wife look at each other lovingly, and it is difficult to remember a time when they weren’t together.

From the moment the prince first laid eyes on his future wife at the University of Saint Andrews until their magical wedding, everyone knew they were a perfect fit. So, how was it that Prince William knew that Kate Middleton was the one?

They first met at college

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first met in the early 2000s when they were students at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland. Many people don’t realize that Kate actually had a different boyfriend at the time. She caught the prince’s attention when she modeled a sheer dress in a fashion show, and William expressed his attraction.

The two would go on to be friends, then roommates, before finally taking their relationship to the next level.

Dating a prince is difficult

The pair had been together for several years in 2007. While being the girlfriend of England’s future king sounds like a fairy tale for most, it actually wasn’t easy for Kate. She began to be harassed by photographers who followed her every move, and it took its toll on her. Prince William knew that the relationship wasn’t easy on Kate, and there were times when he feared for her safety.

Ultimately, it was William who ended the relationship with Kate by calling her on the telephone and explaining how he felt that he wasn’t putting her in a fair position. 

William and Kate’s time apart

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Cambridge’s Duke and duchess Prince William and Kate Middleton | Geoffroy Van der Hasselt/NurPhoto

Although the breakup was hard on them both, they would each go on to look back at the time as a growing and learning period. During their breakup, a devastated Kate headed to Ireland to sort out her feelings, while William spent time in Anglesey, working as a rescue pilot.

He had actually discussed his feelings with both his father, Prince Charles, and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. They both told him that they felt it was a good idea to take some space if that is what he felt he needed.

Kate partied it up in London

After returning to England, Kate spent time trying to get over William. At that point, she didn’t know if they would be getting back together or not, and she was often seen out and about in the city with close friends, and her sister, Pippa.

William was also spending time with friends, and the two even tried dating other people. What a relief it is that it never worked out for either of them with anyone else, just one more sign that William and Kate were absolutely meant to be!

Kate and William realized that they wanted to be together

Perhaps a brief split was just what the doctor ordered because it made William realize just how much he loved Kate and that he missed her and wanted to rekindle their romance. Kate obviously agreed, since apparently she never wanted to break up in the first place.

The pair reconciled and got their relationship right back on track, much to the delight of the entire world who had been rooting for them all along.

A royal engagement

Over the next few years, William and Kate’s relationship continued to grow and get more serious. Everyone was eagerly awaiting an engagement announcement, with the media even dubbing Kate “Waity Katie”, since she had been waiting so long for a marriage proposal!

Finally, in 2011, Kate began sporting that famous diamond and sapphire ring on her left hand. A wedding soon followed, and the couple officially became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!