How Did Tarek El Moussa Celebrate Christmas as a Single Dad?

Divorce is hard enough as it is — and we can’t imagine what it’s like separating from your significant other when you’re of celebrity status. Unfortunately, like so many other famous couples, Christina and Tarek El Moussa decided to end their marriage, and the couple finalized their divorce in Jan. 2018, Country Living reports. HGTV fans were surprised when the duo known for their work on Flip or Flop decided to call it quits. And they were even more shocked when the divorcees continued Flip or Flop even after separating.

Now, both Tarek and Christina are co-parenting their two kids like pros — and Tarek has even shared his thoughts on his first holiday as a single dad. Here’s how he celebrated Christmas.

This is Tarek’s first Christmas since being divorced from Christina

Country Living reminds us Tarek and Christina had been married since 2009 and have since had two children, Taylor, who is 8, and Brayden, who’s 3. By the time Flip or Flop aired, the couple had been married for four years. But by 2015, cracks in their marriage began to surface after the birth of Brayden. The publication notes Christina felt overwhelmed after getting back into the swing of her work just a month after Brayden was born — and that brought along new tensions in her marriage. “It got to the point where we weren’t even driving to set together,” she told People.

Divorce proved to be the best option for both Christina and Tarek. And Christina just remarried Ant Anstead over the holiday season. As for what Tarek thinks, Us Weekly reports he’s incredibly happy for his ex-wife. On the Today show, Tarek said, “He seems like a good guy. My kids seem to like him.” It seems Tarek isn’t dating anyone at the moment, which is totally OK, as this gave him more time to spend with his kids over the holiday season.

Tarek loves to ‘go big or go home’ with his Christmas decorations

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Tarek loves to decorate for Christmas considering his career. Even so, he reminded People in an interview that getting his house all decked out for the holidays was one of his favorite ways of celebrating. For Christmas 2018, he decorated his new home in Costa Mesa, California, which he saw as the perfect way to start fresh for him and his family.

Tarek told People, “It was super exciting decorating this year because it’s a fresh start in our new home as a family since the divorce.” As for how he chose to spruce up the place for the holidays, he chose some “old favorites” that the kids would be familiar with while also including new additions for “Christmas with a modern touch.” His color palette for his decorations was blues, grays, and metallics. “I make sure each holiday has a special theme included in our home, and I love to go big or go home,” he told the magazine.

He aims to make lasting memories his children will remember forever

It wasn’t just Tarek doing all the decorating for the holidays around his new home. He also encouraged his two children to help pick the theme and add to the decor. Tarek told People, “Taylor loves all the bling. Both kids really love the look. It’s the theme my daughter wanted.”

Another way Tarek bonds with his kids over the holidays is with the Christmas tree. They picked out a real evergreen together and then all took part in adorning it with ornaments and lights. As he said, “It’s something we do together as a family to create memories.”

The fun doesn’t stop for the El Moussa family on Christmas day, either. Tarek told People that he was taking his kids skiing in Colorado on the 26th. And while his kids will be enjoying the various holiday festivities, the real joy of the season for Tarek is his ability to spend it with his children, despite how tumultuous the divorce may have been for the entire family. “No matter how stressed or busy you are, at the end of the day, coming home to my family surrounded by cozy holiday décor gets me right back in the holiday spirit,” he said.

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