How Did Tristan Thompson Meet Karizma Ramirez After Khloe Kardashian?

After a cheating scandal that followed both of them in the news, it appears that Khloe Kardashian is moving on from Tristan Thompson after he reportedly was unfaithful with Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods

The incident was just one instance in a long trail of infidelity from the Cleveland Cavaliers star. It appears that despite the heartbreak, Khloe has turned to family, friends, and her work to get over the whole mess. 

Now that Khloe has begun picking up the pieces and looking forward, the question remains: What is Thompson up to now that his split from Khloe is seemingly official? Is he dating anyone?

Some reports have linked Thompson to Karizma Ramirez after the two shared a few high profile outings in the Big Apple. How did Tristan Thompson meet Kariza Ramirez after Khloe Kardashian? 

Who is Karizma Ramirez? 

Ramirez was born on September 11, 1990. The 28-year-old stunner is reportedly a model and has been a waitress in the past. Ramirez was also a contestant in the 2010 Hooters Swimsuit Competition. 

Not much else is known about Ramirez, as she has set her social media accounts to private. 

Who else has Karizma Ramirez dated? 

She was first introduced to the spotlight in 2013, where as a waitress at the New York Club Finale she was whisked away for a brief romance by Chris Brown. 

She may also have a thing for basketball players as Thompson isn’t the first NBA pro she’s been linked to. In June 2015, she was spotted with former Brooklyn Nets guard Shane Larkin, who now plays overseas in Turkey.

Who else is following Kariza Ramirez on Instagram?

There isn’t much known about Ramirez from her Instagram account. While her account is set to private, she currently has 6,000 followers. Speculation is that she set the account to private after media reports linking her to Thompson began circulating.

Ramirez is followed by two notable celebs: Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino and Blac Chyna. It doesn’t appear that Thompson is following her on Instagram as of yet. 

When were Tristan Thompson and Karizma Ramirez first spotted out together? 

US Magazine reported Ramirez was first spotted having dinner with Thompson on February 27 at Carbone, an upscale New York City Italian restaurant. Thompson and Ramirez were next seen together dining at another NYC staple, Nobu, a high-end Manhattan Japanese restaurant, on March 5. 

The two were spotted with several others, including one of Thompson’s Cavaliers teammates. 

What was Tristan Thompson doing in New York? 

Tristan Thompson
Tristan Thompson | Mark Brown/Getty Images

Thompson’s Cleveland Cavaliers had just played the Brooklyn Nets on March 5 before he met up with Ramirez. If the two are looking to meet up any other times during the season in New York, they may have to schedule something on one of Thompson’s off days: the Cavs don’t have any remaining games in New York against either the Nets or the New York Knicks. 

TMZ tried to get comments from Thompson on his split from Khloe last time he was in New York City, but he was silent on the matter.

How did Tristan Thompson meet Kariza Ramirez after Khloe Kardashian?

TMZ reported that Thompson was introduced to Ramirez by teammate Jordan Clarkson

According to TMZ, sources say Thompson and Ramirez aren’t dating. They’ve been hanging out in group settings among friends. Ramirez was reportedly a guest of Clarkson, who she’s also not dating. Clarkson and Ramirez have been family friends for a long time. 

The verdict? All accounts point to the two being just friends … for now, at least. But if they’re spotted out hanging out together again, speculation on whether or not they’re dating will only gain steam.