How Did Wendy Williams Take The News Of Her Husband’s Mistress Giving Birth?

To say Wendy Williams was upset by the news of her husband welcoming a child with another woman would be an understatement.

The TV host has been dealing with a lot of things over the past few months and this recent news just set her over the edge.

Wendy Williams
Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams | Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage

After seeking treatment for her substance abuse, Wendy Williams now has family troubles taking a toll on her journey to recovery.

Williams relapsed again

It has been revealed that Wendy Williams has gone down a dark road once again.

On March 26, sources told news outlets that the TV host checked herself out of the sober house she has been staying at in Long Island City earlier that day.

Apparently, once Williams left the facility, she tried making her way to her home in Livingston, NJ and picked up some alcohol along the way.

She was eventually found drunk and rushed to the hospital where they administered a bag of IV fluids.

Sources claim Williams was “in a bad way” after receiving news of her husband’s alleged mistress gave birth to his child.

After hearing that, Wendy Williams “disappeared from the studio after her show,” and many began to panic when they couldn’t find her.

“It’s not clear where she went [after checking out of the sober living home] but she headed in the direction of her home in Jersey and managed to find alcohol along the way. Word got back to the studio and there was panic and concern, everyone was looking for her, no one knew whether there would be a show today. She was eventually found and was drunk, she was immediately taken to the hospital.”

New of the baby’s birth set her over the edge

Wendy Williams’ relapse comes after news of her husband’s alleged mistress gave birth to his child.

Rumors surrounding Kevin Hunter and his mistress, Sharina Hudson, being pregnant has been circulating through news outlets for the past few weeks.

Though Wendy Williams has decided to ignore those rumors and focus on her sobriety, the news of Hudson giving birth finally got the better of her.

It has been said that Sharina Hudson gave birth in Philadelphia “late on Sunday or in the early hours of Monday.” Sources have not been able to confirm if Kevin Hunter is the baby’s father but many are certain he most likely is.

According to a source, “Sharina gave birth to the baby at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philly. Apparently, they chose this location because they were worried that if she gave birth in New York, it would be leaked to the press.”

That plan of keeping it quiet did not seem to work because Wendy Williams apparently got news of the birth pretty quickly and sadly set her back in her recovery process.

Williams has been working hard to stay sober

Over the past few weeks, Wendy Williams has been working hard to focus strictly on her sobriety and it is heartbreaking to hear of her setback.

Just last week, Williams shared with her daytime talk show audience that she has been quietly receiving treatment at a sober house and was working towards recovering from a cocaine addiction.

“For some time now, and even today and beyond, I have been living in a sober house,” she revealed on The Wendy Williams Show.

Williams also shared that her husband was the only person who know of her seeking treatment at a sober house.

“Only Kevin knows about this. Not my parents, nobody. Nobody knew because I look so glamorous out here,” she said. “I am driven by my 24-hour sober coach back to a home that I live in the tri-state with a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family.”

Spokespeople for Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter, and Sharina Hudson have not been able to be reached.

We hope Wendy Williams makes a speedy recovery soon!