How Do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Make Their Marriage Work?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of their iconic wedding very soon and so far it seems that their marriage is going quite well. Despite coming from very different backgrounds, they have found a way to each other and proving that love can happen under many different circumstances.

When seeing Harry and Meghan being happy together, it’s hard not to wonder how exactly the duke and duchess are making their marriage work. What are some things they are doing right and we can learn from? Let’s take a look at the details below.

Prince Harry stands up for Meghan Markle against negative press

One thing that Harry is known for doing is making sure that everyone knows he has his wife’s back. When the two of them were only dating, Meghan was already being pursued by the media and having to deal with nasty comments, but Harry quickly spoke out and told them to stop.

Additionally, he also does his best to make sure Meghan doesn’t get too affected by negative reports. There have been quite a few awful rumors going around about the Duchess of Sussex and, since royals often are not allowed to address these matters themselves, Meghan no doubt might feel helpless these days considering the fact that she used to be an outspoken actress who can stand up for herself. However, Harry has actually fought for the two of them to have their own office, communications team, and Instagram account, which can help them take control of their image a lot more.

Meghan Markle drives Prince Harry to be better in his role

Meghan was an actress who spent a lot of her time supporting humanitarian causes, so she has been a great influence on Harry by inspiring him to become a better version of himself.

For example, Harry shared that Meghan helped him deal with all the pressure of media attention by reminding him that he has a unique role in the world and can use the attention to help causes he cares about. This is something that Princess Diana also understood quite well.

Together, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are a pair of philanthropic royals who are on a mission to drive change in the world on issues such as education for young girls, women’s empowerment, and mental health.

Prince Harry supports Meghan Markle during her pregnancy

With Meghan expecting a baby and stepping into motherhood for the first time, Harry has given her a lot of help and support. In order for her to relax and focus on being a healthy mom, he notably has been overseeing renovations for their new home at Frogmore Cottage, which includes building a nursery, installing a gym and yoga studio, and much more. It reportedly costs $3 million.

Harry also has reduced his workload in recent months. A royal commentator, Omid Scobie, said: “Sources close to Meghan say that like any new mom-to-be, she’s feeling somewhat nervous as the due date approaches, but Harry is there by her side. He’s decreased a lot of his work to be there for his wife.”

Meghan Markle makes compromises between her old life and her new one

Marriages involve a lot of sacrifices and compromises on both ends. For Meghan’s part, she has given up quite a few things in order to marry Harry and be the best Duchess of Sussex that she possibly can.

Not only did she give up her U.S. citizenship and her thriving career, Meghan also moved to a whole new country and adapted to a completely different lifestyle than the one she was used to.

However, she still tries to maintain ties that are important to her. For example, Meghan is still close to her mother, who, reportedly, will move into Frogmore Cottage with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when their baby arrives. Additionally, Meghan is not about to give up some American traditions that she loves. She recently had a baby shower in New York with celebrity friends, which actually left many Brits confused.