How Do Prince William and Kate Middleton Make Their Marriage Work?

With so much attention on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it’s easy for Prince William and Kate Middleton to fade to the background. But recent rumors have brought the couple’s marriage to the forefront. And still, the couple seems stronger than ever. With all the rumors and demands on the couple, how do William and Kate make their marriage work, despite it all?

Prince William and Kate Middleton will celebrate their anniversary later this month

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary on April 29. Though they have only been married for eight years, the couple has been together for nearly two decades.

William and Kate met while attending college. While the couple didn’t announce their relationship until 2004, Hello! reported the couple moved in together (along with other roommates) in 2002. It is likely that they began dating somewhere between 2002 and 2004.

The royal couple married on April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey in front of an estimated two billion people. Kate stunned in a beautiful designer dress and William beamed as his princess joined his side. During the ceremony, William can be seen joking with his future wife, saying, “I thought this would be a small family affair.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have three children together

Two years after their fairytale wedding, the couple welcomed their first child, Prince George. Kate’s pregnancy proved to be difficult, with extreme morning sickness and a subsequent hospitalization leading to the couple’s pregnancy announcement.

The following year, the couple announced they were expecting their second child. Kate again suffered from terrible morning sickness and it was revealed that the princess suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum. Princess Charlotte was born in May 2015.

On April 23, 2018, the royal couple welcomed their third child, Prince Louis, less than one month before Prince Harry married Meghan Markle.  

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been targets of rumors

Though the couple seems to have the perfect marriage, that doesn’t stop the rumors from spreading. William has recently been accused of cheating on his wife with her former best friend, Rose Hanbury. Adding fuel to the fire, according to reports, the duchess recently broke off her longtime relationship with her friend in an abrupt and dramatic fashion.

This isn’t the first time rumors have surrounded the future king. In 2017, William went on a ski trip with friends without his wife. The prince was photographed drinking and partying and being very touchy with other women. Sources say that Kate was “less than pleased” when her husband returned home.

Despite everything, Prince William and Kate Middleton make it work

The royal couple is just like any other couple. Trust and respect are an integral part of a relationship. The couple has been together for nearly 20 years and has developed a solid foundation. It’s easy for the public to buy into the royal scandals and think that there’s trouble in paradise, but that comes with the territory of living a public life. William and Kate know each other and their relationship and are able to separate themselves from the intense scrutiny.

But beyond trust and respect, it is clear that the two have fun together. It’s obvious that the couple likes to joke and make fun of each other, and they have even given each other some pretty funny nicknames. Kate reportedly called her future husband “Big Willy” before the two got married. Now, the prince has earned the name “Prince Baldy.” As for the duchess, she has a nickname too. Kate is reportedly joked to be the “Duchess of Do-little.”