How Does Kate Middleton Feel About Meghan Markle’s Celebrity Status?

When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011, Kate became the star of the royal family. Many fans felt she was the next Princess Diana, and people all over the world just couldn’t get enough of William’s new wife.

She began her royal duties as if she had been preparing for the role of Duchess of Cambridge her entire life, and fit in with the royal family just perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that everyone thought Kate would be in the spotlight forever!

Although her light is still shining bright, there is a lot of focus on one of the newest royals, Meghan Markle. Although royalty is certainly not a popularity contest, Meghan brings with her to the family a huge fan base, possibly even more so than Kate. Much of this is due to her Hollywood background. Does Meghan’s celebrity status make Kate feel as if her sister-in-law is more popular?

Do royal fans like Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

In the year since Meghan and Harry got married, people still haven’t stopped focusing on Kate. She is the same beloved duchess that she has always been, and we admire her for everything that she does. Everyone knows that Kate is a hands-on, wonderful mother to her three children and that she spreads love and compassion wherever she goes. Even though Meghan was welcomed into the royal family with open arms, it certainly doesn’t mean that Kate is loved any less.

What advantage does Meghan Markle have over Kate Middleton?

We have to take into consideration that Meghan is a former, successful actress who was famous in her own right long before she ever met Harry. Coming from the celebrity world means Meghan already had a significant number of fans for years before she became the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan has celebrity friends, and she has grown used to being in the spotlight. It may be that Meghan has had more opportunities than Kate to be in front of the camera, given her background.

Is Kate Middleton jealous of Meghan Markle?

While Kate has not made any statements regarding her feelings about Meghan’s celebrity status, we can only imagine that it doesn’t bother her at all. It definitely does not mean Meghan is more popular than Kate, and both duchesses are surely well aware of that fact. The sisters-in-law are in no way in competition with each other to be more well-liked, and they both possess unique qualities that make fans everywhere love them as much as possible.

Is Kate Middleton a jealous person?

We have to say that we cannot picture Kate Middleton being jealous of anyone! She knows that is not what royal life is about, and her main focus is carrying out her royal duties to the best of her ability. Kate has tremendous respect for Harry as well as Meghan, and would never put either of them in a position where they would feel that she wants more attention than the Duchess of Sussex receives. If anything, Kate and Meghan have become great friends over the past year, a bond that will surely grow stronger with the birth of Baby Sussex.

Harry met his perfect match when Meghan came into his life, and Kate knows that as well as anyone. Kate is genuinely happy for Meghan and Harry and delighted to have a sister-in-law that she can be so close to and share royal experiences with. In the time since Meghan has joined the family, she and Kate have had plenty of time to spend together, getting to know each other, and becoming close friends who support each other in all they do.