How Does Kate Middleton Know Which Rules to Break Without Upsetting Queen Elizabeth Too Much?

As a future queen consort, Kate Middleton is living her life in the spotlight and has been for years. After she married Prince William and became the Duchess of Cambridge, almost all of the outfits that Kate stepped out in were so well-liked that her style became the “Kate Middleton Effect.” Suddenly, Kate became known for her full, perfect, and enviable hair, her natural makeup, and her stunning wardrobe and jewelry choices.

In the royal family, there is a strict list of rules and protocol that must be followed. Women must always wear pantyhose, dresses must be a certain length, it is important to sit properly, and there is even a proper way to hold a teacup.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Paul Edwards – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Although Kate follows the majority of the guidelines as expected, she has been known to bend or even break the rules on occasion. Being in the public eye is never easy, especially when someone is choosing to do things his or her own way. Taking this into consideration, how does Kate know exactly which rules she can break without upsetting Queen Elizabeth too much?

What are the royal rules that must be followed?

Members of the royal family can’t simply wake up in the morning and wear whatever they would like. Nor can they get ready to go to an event and choose whatever outfit happens to catch their eye.

According to royal protocol, there are specific ways to go about things, for example, nail polish must always be in a sheer color, and makeup must be worn conservatively as well. In addition, royals are technically not supposed to wear jeans, although this is a rule that gets ignored pretty often. Even Princess Diana chose to break out her favorite denim on occasion.

Women typically carry a clutch style purse rather than using a more convenient one with a strap, although we have seen this rule being bent from time to time as well.

When has Kate Middleton broken the rules?

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Although Kate has never been known to be flat-out defiant, even a future queen needs to put her own spin on things sometimes. The Duchess of Cambridge has often recycled outfits, much to the delight of many fans. When Kate finds something that she enjoys wearing, she doesn’t just let it sit in her closet!

Kate has worn a beautiful blue Jenny Packham gown more than once, as well as a lovely Erdem green coat. We have even spotted the duchess in dresses that hit above the knee once or twice, despite the queen’s dislike for that. And although her grandmother-in-law is not a fan of wedge-heeled shoes, Kate does not agree and has chosen to slip her feet into them more than once. 

Does Queen Elizabeth get angry with Kate Middleton?

It is not often that we see Kate going against royal protocol, but when she does, she somehow manages to stay on the queen’s good side. This is quite an amazing feat since Queen Elizabeth is adamant about her family dressing and behaving in a certain way.

Her rules go so far, in fact, that royal brides must have her majesty approve their wedding gowns in advance of the nuptials. Looks like the queen expects everyone in her family to respect her likes and dislikes, even on one of the most important, not to mention personal, days of their lives.

How does Kate Middleton know which rules to break without upsetting Queen Elizabeth too much?

Fans might wonder just how far Kate knows that she can go. After all, the queen usually has the final say in most matters. It looks like Kate breaks the rules but in the most subtle ways possible. For instance, her short dresses aren’t too short, just an inch or two. She doesn’t break too many rules at one time, proving that she knows how to get away with little things all while knowing exactly where to draw the line.