How Does Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Keep Her Motivated Everyday?

Kim Kardashian is known around the globe for her banging body. Some of it can be credited it to surgery, and there’s no doubt that Photoshop has been an integral tool in her print appearances. That being said, Kardashian also works hard to keep her “base body” in perfect shape. The mother of three has been looking really good this year, what got fans thinking? What does Kardashian’s training regimen look like?

Kim Kardashian found the perfect trainer

While filming season 14 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality star stumbled across a profile on Instagram that would take her fitness journey to the next level. While Kardashian was perusing the popular media sharing app, she found Melissa Alcantara, a bodybuilder with a massive following. Alcantara, like Kardashian, is a mother. She gained 70 pounds while she was pregnant. Despite putting on all the mommy weight, the inspiring trainer bounced back. She’s now ripped, with tons of muscle and great advice to spare!

First set a goal

If you want to stay focused during your fitness journey, the first thing Alcantara recommends doing is setting goals. When working with the beauty mogul, the two like to choose a milestone that they feel confident about attaining. Once you’ve figured out your goal, the next step is writing it down. Writing things down makes them more tangible. It provides you with something to look back on, a constant reminder that you have something to strive for. Alcantara finds that writing down goals also makes her and her clients feel more accountable. Not only that, it enhances the exhilarating feeling you get when you finally do complete it!

Then plan ahead

Once your goal is set, and you have it written down, start planning. Meal prep is a big part of maintaining a healthy diet. When it comes to switching from crappy take-out to home-cooked nutritious meals, it’s easy to fall off the wagon. Sometimes you’re just too tired to cook! By getting all of your meals together a few days in advance, you’ll never have to worry about not having the time to eat healthy ever again.

When it comes to fitness, you want to know exactly what exercises you’ll be doing and the muscle groups they tackle. Figure out the best order so you maximize your weight loss and enhance muscle gains.

No matter what, stay disciplined

Kim Kardashian 2017 LACMA Art + Film Gala Honoring Mark Bradford And George Lucas Presented By Gucci - Red Carpet
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It’s really easy to fall off track when pursuing a new workout routine. Just remember that it’s much harder to get back on! Cultivate your work ethic so you can keep pressing ahead no matter what. By setting the main goal and smaller milestones, you’ll experience feelings of success along the way.

Be sure to recite your routine

Reciting your routine helps you remember exactly what you need to do at the gym. It also pumps you up and keeps you focused on the task at hand. By staying in the moment, you can pour all of your energy into each body movement. Staying focused not only helps you make the most of your workouts, but it also protects you against injury since you’re less likely to get distracted.

Don’t forget, it’s all in the food

Alcantara is all about all-natural unprocessed fresh food. You can work out as much as you want, but if you don’t tweak your diet, you are doing yourself a disservice. One of the biggest things the talented trainer did is overhaul Kardashian’s diet. The reality star was “thriving” off of junk food. After meeting Alcantara that all changed. She switched to an all-natural diet, with delicious food and lots and lots of water.

Bonus Workout Tip: Mix it up! Do a little bit of everything (HIIT, calisthenics, functional body movements) and don’t be afraid of heavy lifting. Weight training will help build muscle, ultimately helping you make the most of all of your workouts.