How Does Mandy Moore Stay in Shape? Workout Tips the ‘This Is Us’ Actress Swears By

Mandy Moore has made quite the name for herself. From her “Candy” days to her role on NBC’s hit series, This Is Us, the award-winning actress and singer has kept busy in the limelight for over two decades. But, with her current shooting schedule and appearances, we can’t help but wonder: How does Mandy Moore stay in shape? The A-list celebrity is ultra busy, yet somehow manages to keep her physique and her health on high priority.

Want to know her secrets? Stay tuned for Mandy Moore’s go-to habits that keep her in tip-top shape.

Actress Mandy Moore poses in the press room during the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

To stay in shape, Mandy Moore always puts her health first. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

How does Mandy Moore stay in shape?

As it turns out Mandy Moore’s workout plan doesn’t just involve exercise — though that is a big part of it. In addition to working out, the This Is Us star stays in shape with diet and self-care, too. So, how does Mandy Moore stay in shape? Keep reading for her best workout, diet, and self-care tips.

Ab workouts

Mandy Moore works hard for her abs. And, the This Is Us star allegedly does planks and crunches on a Pilates ball to keep them in check. That said, it’s not the only way she achieves core strength. “We do most of the core strengthening by doing a lot of the heavier lifting or functional movements that we do,” her trainer, Jason Walsh told Popsugar.

Fun fact: Milo Ventimiglia — Mandy Moore’s This Is Us co-star — was the one that referred her to Jason Walsh.


One of Mandy Moore’s favorite cardio workouts is hiking. In fact, she recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. And while that hike is more of a once in a lifetime opportunity, she tends to keep things a little less strenuous when at home. The This Is Us star reportedly credits her hiking habits as a form of self-care.

She gets it done in the morning

According to Walsh, Mandy Moore is a morning person and typically trains in the morning. “She’s so dedicated,” he told Popsugar. “I’ll see her sometimes four or five days a week. Sometimes when she’s really busy and has a hectic schedule, it’ll only be three times a week,” he noted.

She eats healthy

Her diet isn’t just about shedding pounds — it’s about feeling confident. Mandy Moore has admitted to having self-confidence struggles in the past. But, her healthy habits — including her diet — have helped her rise above her negative thoughts and love her body more.

She swears by Rise Nation

Her trainer, Jason Walsh is the creator of a VersaClimber class called Rise Nation, which Mandy Moore is allegedly a big fan of. She once told Shape Magazine that she tries to go to class whenever she can. “It’s only a half hour, but it is crazy-intense. When you’re done, you’re drenched,” she told the magazine.

She doesn’t weigh herself

For Mandy, her fitness goals don’t have anything to do with weight. “There’s no real endgame for me with fitness,” she admitted to Shape Magazine.”I’ve always been the girl who goes by how my clothes fit. I don’t weight myself — I just like to feel good in my body,” she added.

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