How Does Meghan Markle Do Her Hair?

Ever since we met Meghan Markle, women all over the world have looked up to her as a beauty icon. She has an effortlessly, classic look, that’s sexy at the same time it’s serious and professional. There are two main hairstyles that Meghan wears most often: her signature waves and the messy bun. We’re going to go through how you can re-create these styles at home.

What is Meghan Markle’s natural hair type?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan has naturally curly hair. To ease the frizz and make it more manageable, she often gets salon treatments. Her former hairstylist, Theonie Kakoulli, revealed to People that Meghan would see her often for keratin treatments. These treatments provide a large dose of keratin protein and amino acids, using heat to seal it in, which smooth out the natural curl pattern and provide an easy sleek style.

For best results on both of these styles, you’ll want to start with a cut that similar to Meghan’s. That means just below the shoulder length, with face-framing layers.

Meghan Markle’s signature waves

Meghan’s signature style used to be straight and sleek, and she still wears her like this occasionally. But lately, you are more likely to see Meghan with the loose waves that have become her new signature look. Here are the steps to get this look yourself:

1. Start by blow drying the hair straight, trying to create as much volume at the roots as possible. This can be done at home by flipping your head upside down and blow drying with a paddle brush.

2. Section off the top layer of hair, and pin it up and out of the way. This way we are able to start with a thin bottom layer.

3. Wrap once inch sections around a curling iron, leaving the end out, to create a loose wave. Try to keep you waves consistent by using equal sections of hair, all the way around. Twist the ends of each curl to really lock the wave in place. When you get to the sections around the face, always curl outward, as it’s more flattering than an inward facing curl, and will open up your face.

4. Move around the head working through each section, until it is completely curled. Let cool completely before moving on the next step.

5. Use a texture spray, working it through the waves to create a natural, sexy look.

6. Lift the top sections of hair, and use a volumizing powder of the roots. Rub into the roots to really lift the hair and provide as much volume as possible.

7. Finish by locking everything in place with a very light layer of hairspray.

Meghan Markle’s messy bun

Meghan is often seen with the classic look as well. Speaking with Express, Troy Alexandros, a Soho-based hairstylist, thought he might know why this is a go-to look for her.

“Meghan’s hair is naturally very very curly,” he said. “After years of Brazilian blow-dry sessions, the hair can become naturally straighter than before. This can cause a curlier root, which is definitely not a good look for someone always in the press! I do wonder if Meghan just hasn’t found the time to get her keratin topped up and has found a fantastic way of hiding this.”

Whatever the reason for Meghan’s bun, she looks great. And many of us want this look for ourselves. As mentioned before, for this look, you will definitely need Meghan’s face trimming layers. Here are the steps:

1. After a smooth blowout, part the hair down the middle and then gather into a low pony, securing with a band. Leave a couple of strands out in front to frame the face.

2. Pinch the hair on the top of the head, pulling it and loosening slightly, so it’s not pulled into the pony super tight.

3. Run a texturizing taffy through the pony, separate into two sections and then twist together down the length of the pony.

4. Twist the now twisted together ponytail up and around the base of the pony, creating the bun shape, secure with bobby pins.

5. Loosen and messy up the bun portion by pulling strands slightly out, just so it’s a little looser. Also pull at the hair at the top of the crown, to add volume to the back.

6. Using a curling iron, wrap the front sections around the barrel to create a loose wave on each side.

7. Finish with a texturizing spray.

Follow these tips and you’ll have Meghan’s look for yourself.