How Does Meghan Markle Wake Up So Early and Is It Healthy?

Meghan Markle is definitely an early bird. She wakes up at 4:30 am to start her day, which provides a packed schedule for the new Duchess of Sussex. Most of us can’t imagine getting up at 4:30 am every day, but apparently, this is something Markle has done since childhood as the habit comes from her mother.

But how does Meghan Markle wake up so early (and still look that refreshed)? Is it healthy to rise before the sun each morning? Here’s what we know.

Meghan Markle looking beautiful and wide awake
Meghan Markle has a morning glow | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Meghan Markle doesn’t rely on coffee to jumpstart her mornings

Unlike most Americans, Meghan Markle doesn’t reach for that morning cup of a coffee to get her day going. Before her pregnancy, Markle would occasionally partake in a small cup of coffee or other source of caffeine. Since she became pregnant, rumors state Meghan Markle has given up caffeine completely. 

Markle uses music, food, and yoga to get her day started

Instead of caffeine, Markle uses an ultra-healthy wake-up routine to bring her energy. When she rises at 4:30 am it’s to do yoga, which is something her mother installed into her routine while Markle was growing up. The Duchess of Sussex is even commissioning a new yoga studio to be built into her and Prince Harry’s new home!

During and after her morning yoga routine, Meghan Markle listens to music. Sources close to her even claim that she has a special “wake up playlist” that she loves to start her day off with. 

The final pick-me-up is an ultra-healthy breakfast. Sources state that Meghan Markle loves oatmeal and acacia berries, although she does enjoy splurging on an omelet once in a while.

Is waking up that early healthy?

Most people may need to suppress a shiver at the thought of waking before five every morning, but what does science have to say about the practice? Is it healthy? 

Sleep Advisor says that waking up early is great for you physically, because it typically allows you to eat a more balanced breakfast. They also say it’s good for your skin, improves concentration, enhances productivity, and allows you a better night’s rest. So, yes, waking up early is healthy!

Is doing yoga that early in the morning healthy?

It might be healthy to wake up early in the morning, but what about waking up that early to do morning yoga? Yoga can be both relaxing and mentally freeing, but any practitioner will tell you it can also be physically straining at times as you push all of your physical boundaries in a gentle way. Is that type of physical activity healthy so early in the morning?

Do You Yoga is a popular yoga program, and they had quite a few benefits to tout about starting your morning out early with a yoga session. According to them, an early morning yoga program can help you to better focus, increase energy levels, and decrease overall stress levels. As a major added bonus, it also burns off extra calories before they’re even consumed, and helps to tone all your major muscle groups. 

Meghan Markle has the healthy routine we all need

Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex is on to something. All the experts agree that her morning routine is incredibly healthy – and, honestly, we should all strive to be as devoted to our health as she appears to be. From her early morning yoga to boost energy and decrease stress, to her ultra-healthy breakfast that gives her body fuel for the day ahead, Markle’s routine has everything. 

Fans can’t help but wonder, of course, how the new royal baby will effect her routine. Will she still wake up at 4:30 am when she’s been up at night with a newborn? Will she still find time to make an ultra-healthy breakfast when trying to make a bottle? With a staff on hand to help, Meghan Markle just may be able to pull it off.