How Ewan McGregor’s Kids Really Feel About Girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Ewan McGregor was married to wife Eve Mavrakis for over 20 years — and though they met on a movie set all those years ago, fans of the two never expected them to split. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make their marriage work and separated in 2017. And the media launched into a frenzy when it was discovered that McGregor had been caught kissing fellow Fargo actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Today, Mavrakis has called the divorce upsetting for her family — and McGregor is still by Winstead’s side. And it appears McGregor and Mavrakis’ kids aren’t staying quiet about it, either. Here’s what his two daughters have said about the situation that clue us in to their true feelings.

McGregor said he took some time off to be with his kids

No matter what the rest of the family members have said regarding the romance between McGregor and Winstead, it appeared he was doing all he could to mitigate the damage. Back in August, Fox News reported that McGregor was spending a lot more time with family after the affair scandal hit the media. The actor certainly loves his kids and doesn’t want to lose them — but he clearly is serious about his relationship with Winstead, too. Daily Mail Online reports the two were seen together last fall holding hands.

As Fox News reports McGregor told Good Morning Britain, “I just took this time off. I needed to, and I wanted to. I’m about to start something in September, and I look back now and think, ‘What have I done?’ And I’ve done nothing really! But I’ve been really busy doing nothing!” He also added, “In actual fact, it’s been brilliant having this time off. I’ve spent a lot of time with my kids.”

Esther McGregor wrote a sad song about the situation

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Made you a man- by me :)

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Was his time off with his children enough to get them used to Winstead being around? We’re not sure — but considering he spent this time with his kids after his daughter, Esther, released a song about the relationship, the time together may have helped with the damage control.

Elle Australia reports Esther, who was 15 at the time, shared a song to Instagram that seemed like it was about her parents’ painful separation. The song was titled “Made You a Man” and the lyrics were as follows: “Waking up slowly, I’m taking my time. I read some dumb s*** that I found online. Seeing those pictures, they’re making me cry. Happy birthday to me—am I right?”

While many saw the song as a total slam against her father, Esther took to her Instagram story to explain what the song really was about. As she wrote, “My song was not a slam, but a way of expressing my feelings with what I love most. Music.” Even so, the fact that she shared the clip just a day before McGregor filed for divorce is pretty telling.

Clara McGregor has been the most outspoken of the family

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McGregor’s take Tokyo

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Page Six reminds us on an Instagram fan account that called Winstead beautiful and talented, 22-year-old Clara commented, “Oh man, y’all are delusional. The girl is a piece of trash.” Later in an interview, Clara said the pressure got to her and she commented in anger after many others were making mean comments about her mom online. “There had been a lot building up to it and a lot to deal with, not to make excuses or anything, but, yeah, it wasn’t my finest moment,” Page Six reports she told The Times. She also added, “I dealt with stuff with my dad personally – it wasn’t just me letting it slide with him and just getting mad at her. Of course not.”

That wasn’t the last time we heard Clara’s opinion, however. More recently, she posted a photo of her mom on her Instagram. When a fan commented, “Good to know you have the smoke show genes … keep her away from your boyfriends,” Entertainment Tonight reports Clara said back, “Nah I keep her away from a**hole men who leave my goddess of a mother. :)” She later clarified that she wasn’t talking about her dad, but fans had their doubts.

All in all, it seems Clara just wants the best for her father and her family, though. ET Canada reports she told The Times, “The relationship’s not going to end because of this. We are incredibly close and despite me strongly disagreeing with how he’s gone about things, I’ll always love him and I hope he’s happy, you know?”

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