How Fans Feel About Disney+ Shows Influencing MCU Movies

If you’re an avid fan of the MCU — hunting down leaks, following Feige’s every move, and keeping up to date on casting rumors and plot spoilers — you are well aware of the studio’s plan to incorporate some intermingling between its small-screen Disney+ ventures and cinematic spectacles. 

With Disney+ set to release in a matter of months, and numerous Disney+ Marvel shows coming your way — Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Hawkeye, and more — the mega-media conglomerate is excited to take your money at every turn.

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Considering what we know so far about WandaVision segueing directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you may be forced into buying a subscription to Disney+ if you plan to follow the Marvel filmscape. So, how do fans feel about this? 

Is the cross-conversation — being presented as a huge step for the world of entertainment, and representative of a shift occuring in consumption patterns — really just a ploy to capitalize on the MCU’s devout following? Or, is Disney initiating a critical change that will lead to a significant evolution within the entertainment sphere, and bring fans closer to the narrative epics? Let’s see how MCU enthusiasts feel. 

How fans feel about Disney+ shows tying into the MCU 

While no one will deny Disney’s thirst for cash — buying out studios left and right — most fans seem excited about the cross-conversation that will occur between the small and silver screen. This isn’t to say that fans do not see the ploy here, in terms of financial gain; rather, it is to prove that the entertainment value destined to result outweighs the negatives. One fan noted:

The fact that the shows are directly related to the MCU alone is a huge bonus for me. Netflix’s shows were good/very good, but the fact that they weren’t canon kinda bummed me out. Disney+ allows the MCU to tell more immersive stories, and give a more true comic book experience, where we get the smaller stories that lead up to the bigger events (films).

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Many fans seem to concur with the proclamation above, chiming in to add that the Marvel world can now expand, adding stories that, before, weren’t vital enough to the overall narrative or strong enough to sell tickets that could make up for the massive budgets these films elicit. One MCU fan noted their excitement, while also mentioning how bold the move is on Disney’s part, stating:

…Most marvel fans lost their minds at multiverse of madness being a follow up to Wandavision because it’s hinting at a fan fave story line being adapted etc,

I for one am excited at Disney/marvel having a larger/more diverse canvas to tell their stories

Edit – it is however bold AF for Disney to include the phase 4 plans on a platform that doesn’t have one single subscriber yet lol

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Most fans agree that Disney is taking a major risk, but it’s one destined to pay off, for some stories are just better told on the small screen, as one fan explains.

In short, when it comes to Disney+ shows influencing MCU installments, most fans see the choice as revolutionary and exciting — a step towards expanding the universe in the right direction — beyond the realms of the silver screen, which, in this day and age, often stifle creativity in favor of box-office potential.