How Fans Feel About Jonah Hill as The Riddler in ‘The Batman’

Rumor has it that Jonah Hill has all but been confirmed for The Riddler in The Batman. The actor — most recognized for his work within the comedic space — has starred in Superbad, The Wolf of Wall Street, 21 Jump Street, War Dogs, and more. While Hill likely possesses the acting chops to take on the playful, criminal trickster side of the character, does he have what it takes to embody the villain’s dark edge?

The Riddler possibility Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill attends The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When Jonah Hill’s name first entered The Batman picture, both Penguin and Riddler were being tossed up in the air and — due to the actor’s past works and the ease of typecasting — many assumed Hill would take on Penguin. However, according to recent reports by Collider, Hill will take on Riddler despite the vast speculations pointing towards Danny DeVito’s former wheelhouse. 

Can Jonah Hill pull off The Riddler? Can fans imagine him in a role previously brought to life by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever and Cory Michael Smith in Gotham? Let’s see what DCEU followers have to say.

DC fans weigh in on Jonah Hill as The Riddler in ‘The Batman’

With rumors circling that Jonah Hill is on DC’s radar for The Ridder and Penguin, fans have already begun discussing how they feel about the actor taking on either iconic role. One fan explained that Penguin feels like a better match, stating:

I’d rather someone like Paul Dano. Can’t really see Jonah Hill as riddler maybe Penguin.

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Other fans chimed into to express their skepticism, noting that Hill feels a little out of the place for the role; however, they are hopeful that, if executed correctly, he will land on his feet. One DC fan stated:

Ehhh I don’t see it. As long he’s not wearing a goofy green outfit then maybe it could work.

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One fan stated that Hill likely wants to portray the Ridder to avoid future typecasting, as he is often cast as an overweight male, and playing The Ridder, as opposed to Penguin, would force the actor to work against type. If done well, Jonah Hill could prove to fans and casting directors alike that he is capable of much more than he is often given credit for. 

Many fans noted that Hill wouldn’t be their first choice, with names like Paul Dano and Eddie Redmayne popping up as stronger alternatives; some fans vehemently reject Hill as The Riddler, stating that it is “almost as if someone is trying to kill the Batman franchise.” Another fan added that they can’t stand the guy, and seeing Hill in the role will be upsetting

While some fans oppose this possible casting rumor, many seem interested, wondering if Hill has what it takes to pull it off. Meaning: expectations are low, but hopes are high. This could work in Hill’s favor if he takes on The Riddler, and kills it; however, if the actor fails to capture the three-dimensionality inherent to the character’s more recent comic book iterations — and destined to come into focus in a dark detective tale — the movie may fall flat. 

Is Hill a risk worth taking, or should the casting directors turn their eyes to actors more known for starring in such twisted roles?