How Far Apart Did Prince Charles and Prince Andrew Get Divorced?

The royal family might not be fond of divorces, but the truth is, they aren’t uncommon. In fact, both Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, sons of Queen Elizabeth II, ended up getting divorced from their wives. But just how far apart did the two couples split?

Princess Diana And Prince Charles watch an official event during their first royal Australian tour

Princess Diana And Prince Charles wed in 1981 | Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer back in 1981

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer met in 1977. Charles was a friend of Diana’s sister, Sarah, and the two met one weekend when Charles came to stay with the family. The two families were close at the time, but Diana was only 16 and Charles was 29. He instantly took an interest in dating her, although today it seems that it was mostly because he thought she’d make a decent wife — not because he loved her.

The couple’s relationship became very high profile, but they never seemed to click the way today’s royal couples do. When the two got engaged, a reporter asked them if they were in love. While Diana said, “Of course,” Charles replied, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.” It was a response that spooked anyone who heard it — what did “in love” mean to Charles?

Sarah Ferguson on her wedding day in 1986

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson wed in 1986. | Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York via Instagram

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson tied the knot almost exactly five years later

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson met through Diana. Diana and Sarah had been good friends growing up, and after growing apart for a bit, their social circles intertwined and the two became close once again. Diana set Andrew up with her friend, and the two hit it off. Reports have said Andrew and Sarah met briefly as children, but they didn’t get to know each other until adulthood. Sarah almost instantly won over the queen, and the couple’s relationship moved quickly. In 1986, Andrew and Sarah wed — almost exactly five years after Diana and Charles tied the knot.

However, the two divorces came within a few months of each other

Andrew and Sarah hit a rocky road in their marriage after the birth of their two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. The couple decided to separate in 1992. However, a compromising situation occurred when Sarah was photographed in a romantic scenario with a financial advisor named John Bryan. When the story made headlines, it was a disgrace to the royal family because the couple was not divorced. They ended up staying separated for another four years and finalized their divorce in May 1996. But to this day, Sarah says that she never wanted to divorce Andrew. She simply had to because of “circumstance.”

For Charles and Diana, the relationship had rough patches from its start. Diana recalled never having truly loved Charles, and Charles had an infamous affair with Camilla Parker Bowles for a good part of the couple’s marriage. Diana even once supposedly threw herself down the stairs during her pregnancy. After a while, things became too much for the couple to pretend anymore, and they got divorced in August 1996.

It was a hard pill for the royal family to swallow, but ultimately, it’s impossible to stay married to someone you don’t love. The divorces made for a rough year, and Diana’s death just a year later only added to the stress. However, in time, the wounds began to heal. Sarah and Andrew reportedly live together today, and the queen has taken a liking to Charles’ second wife, Camilla.

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