How Farrah Abraham Is Already Going Overboard for Christmas

It’s that time of year again: lights are strung, holiday cookies are baked, and celebrities everywhere are sharing their favorite ways of celebrating Christmas with their friends and family. Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom is no different, either. While we remember her best from her fame attained from the MTV show and the drama that seemed to always surround her even after she was let go from the network, fans can now follow what Farrah’s up to on social media. And she’s certainly never shy when it comes to sharing her personal life with her followers.

When it comes to Christmas, Farrah is already going way over the top. Here’s what she’s doing, and what else we can expect to see from her and her daughter, Sophia, as we head into the New Year.

Farrah took part in a very festive (and revealing) photo shoot

Farrah’s no stranger to the camera, with or without the help of MTV. So it’s no surprise that she recently took part in a very revealing holiday-themed photo shoot that caught the eye of her followers. Daily Mail notes Farrah and Sophia are currently in Los Angeles getting festive, which is where the shoot took place. As for the photos themselves, Farrah’s posing on a pink bed in festive red lingerie. The background is also bright pink and red, and she’s adorned with a pale pink wig that seriously fits the mood.

While Farrah is certainly getting festive with these colors, she’s also posing after getting scar camouflage surgery for her breast enhancements. On her Instagram, she shared a post promoting Basma Hameed Clinic, which is where she got the procedure done. “Best kept secret in Beverly Hills,” the post reads. “Ladies let’s not forget after your amazing surgeries to take care of the scars to be looking truly natural and better then ever.”

She’s also enjoying plenty of quality time with her daughter, Sophia

The holidays are all about family time — and that’s no different for Farrah and Sophia. The mother-daughter duo have always been extremely close, and they even posed together for a photo with Santa. “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from our family to yours!” the Instagram caption for the photo stated. “Can’t wait to see everyone’s family Santa photo!” Additionally, on Sophia’s Instagram, the 9-year-old posted about her advent calendar she and her mom were doing together, too.

Farrah and Sophia were also spotted out ice skating together recently. OK! Magazine notes the two were spotted on the rink in Santa Monica, California — and it looks like they were having a ton of fun. This, of course, came after their other Christmastime trip to Quebec, Canada, where the duo also looked at Christmas decorations, skied, and went sightseeing. And in years past, Farrah and Sophia have been known to take special mother-daughter trips around the world together. We can’t forget their Christmas visit to Hong Kong back in 2017, which looked amazing.

Sophia’s Christmas gifts will surely be extreme as well

We don’t know what Farrah got Sophia for Christmas just yet, but we’re sure it will be nothing short of extreme. Let’s not forget the insane presents she bought her daughter in the past, like the pink golf cart or gigantic jacuzzi back in 2016, The Hollywood Gossip notes. Fans will also never let Farrah live down the one time she bought Sophia a Macbook Pro laptop or a pony, either.

The pony was named Stardust, MTV reminds us, and at the time, Farrah seemed to be really attached to the animal. “It’s easier to take care of Stardust that it is our puppies,” Farrah told MTV News. We haven’t seen any pony photos in over a year, though, so we’re betting this gift lost its luster. Either way, Sophia’s bounty from Santa will likely be more than any of us could even dream of receiving.

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