How Exactly Hannah Brown Is Involved In Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Premiere

Bachelor Nation was absolutely shook after Hannah Brown popped up in Peter Weber’s latest Bachelor promo.

“I’m so confused right now. What are you doing here?” Weber asks Brown in the trailer. The two are sitting close on a couch, cuddling. 

We hear her say: “Making decisions for my heart, because I know there’s still something there, and I would do anything for a relationship.”

Then, Weber asks the former bachelorette to join his season.

“Hannah Brown, what I’m about to say is extremely crazy. What would you say if I asked you to come be part of the house?” he asks her.

As several fans have pointed out, Brown’s been competing on Dancing With The Stars the last several months so the timing doesn’t really work out for the former bachelorette to join the cast. But it’s certainly a compelling proposition.

How fans feel about Peter Weber asking Hannah Brown to join his ‘Bachelor’ season

In general, fans are mixed about the prospect of Brown’s involvement in Weber’s Bachelor season.

“These girls are NOTHING compared to HANNAHHHH,” one fan wrote on The Bachelor YouTube video of the promo.

Chris Harrison, Hannah Brown, and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Chris Harrison, Hannah Brown, and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

“I wasn’t ever a huge fan of Hannah but now I think she’s the best one out of all those girls. Honestly they’d make a great couple but it’s probably fake,” commented another.

On Instagram, Bachelor fans were less excited about Brown appearing in the promo.

“I WILL NOT WATCH THIS SEASON IF HANNAH COMES BACK,” commented one fan on The Bachelorette Instagram post featuring the promo.

What Hannah Brown’s doing in ‘The Bachelor’ premiere

According to a recent ABC press release obtained by Elite Daily, Brown does more than just pop out of a limo for a quick chat with Weber during the premiere. Apparently, she’s leading one of the group dates.

It’s clear in the promo that the women in the mansion also have mixed feelings about Brown’s presence. We hear one of them say, “She had her chance.” So the former bachelorette leading the contestants in a group date should be interesting.

What’s the group date? Brown will guide the women “through a live storytelling show in which they will reveal their most memorable sex stories and fantasies in front of an audience.”

As reported by Elite Daily, Weber will come across “a distraught Hannah” backstage during the date. The encounter will lead to a “heart-to-heart” between them.

Brown has a reputation for always being open and honest with her feelings. According to the press release, what Brown shares with Weber in their heart-to-heart “will leave them both as confused as ever.”

Brown won’t be the only woman Weber recognizes during the Bachelor premiere. According to ED, there will be a contestant in the mix who previously had “sparks” with the pilot, and “they might be able to rekindle whatever they previously had between them.”

The Bachelor premieres on ABC on January 6.

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