How Hannah Brown Thinks Being The Bachelorette Could Help Her Win ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Hannah Brown is no stranger to reality TV. She first started her career in television as a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. After not finding love with Underwood, Brown was named The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, Brown didn’t get the love story she’d hoped for and ended up calling off her engagement to her season winner, Jed Wyatt, for coming on the show with a girlriend.

But Brown is back on our TV screens for this season of Dancing With The Stars and she’s ready to do her “very best.”

Hannah Brown | Justin Stephens via Getty Images
Hannah Brown | Justin Stephens via Getty Images

“I want to focus on making sure I do my very best and that I feel comfortable with how I perform each and every week,” she told TV Insider. “If that means I’m there to the very end and I have that Mirrorball in my hands, then I’m going to be really excited about that, and that is the goal, of course, but we’ll see.”

Hannah Brown is used to a crazy schedule

Brown believes her time on The Bachelorette will only help her do her best on Dancing With The Stars.

“Being on The Bachelorette definitely helps me with Dancing With the Stars because I have been dealing with multiple different personalities and people, but also just the schedule of go, go, go. The schedule of The Bachelorette was really grueling and having conversation after conversation was taxing. This is more physical, but because I just went from that production to this one, it definitely helps me. I’m used to that type of schedule,” she told TV Insider.

Brown continued: “We’re practicing every single day nonstop. We have cameras in our rooms all the time. I’m used to that now … And just being used to being very vulnerable with a lot of people around me and vulnerable with the rest of the world.”

Additionally, Brown’s looking forward to diving into a new project–a great remedy for major heartbreak.

“This opportunity is a great way for me to really have something to transition me into a new fresh start after being on a dating show for the past two years of my life. It’s something new that I can really put all my energy into and learn and grow in this new, exciting, physical way,” said Brown.

Hannah Brown has been dancing since she was a little girl

Just like Brown’s no stranger to reality TV, she’s also no stranger to dance. She’s been dancing since she was two years old.

“I would not call myself a dancer compared to the [DWTS pros], by any means. But I danced when I was a child. I did stop when I was younger as well, so it’s been a while since I have danced. My mom always wanted me to dance, so I think this is a dream come true for her as well, to have me on Dancing With the Stars and get back into dancing,” she said.

Dancing With The Stars is on Monday nights on ABC at 8:00 PM.

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