How Has Andy Cohen’s Dog ‘Wacha’ Prepared Him for Fatherhood?

Andy Cohen and Wacha | Andy Cohen Instagram

When Bravo executive producer, Andy Cohen rescued a sweet pup in 2013, he had no idea how his new best friend would prepare him for the biggest change in his life. Cohen recently announced he will be welcoming a baby in only a few short weeks.

Which means his dog, Wacha will be taking the “big brother” position at home. Cohen has shared a number of videos and images of Wacha on Instagram. Plus he’s invited Wacha to join him on Watch What Happens Live from time to time. And as Cohen and Wacha grew closer, signs of how Cohen loves his dog prove he’s more than ready to become a father (to a human).

Wacha was Cohen’s first dog

Cohen adopted Wacha from a rescue in 2013. “I’ve been thinking about a dog for a while,” he told Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “I just felt like I wanted to open my life up to a dog and I thought rescuing a dog was the right way to go.”

He got the name “Wacha” from St. Louis Cardinal pitcher, Michael Wacha. Plus Wacha is Cohen’s first dog. When The Daily Dish interviewed Cohen in 2013, he was still getting used to being a dog dad. “I’m just trying to figure it out,” he says. “The morning pee run is just going to be killer, but I have to say, this weekend was amazing walking him. He’s really great!”

And figure it out he did

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Saturday kisses n’ smizin’!

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Cohen’s parental instincts kicked in quickly, as Wacha is never far from his side. His Instagram is filled with Wacha moments, including a number of images of snuggles and kisses. Cohen recently installed a dog camera in his apartment. So he can always see what Wacha is up to during the day.

He’s also never shy when it comes to showing Wacha, love. “I love this handsome guy,” he recently posted. Plus Wacha is always overjoyed to see Cohen when he arrives home from work.

Cohen knows Wacha’s favorite jam

Most parents love to sing to their children. And Cohen often likes to sing to Wacha, especially anything by the Grateful Dead. In Wacha’s Instagram story, Cohen signs ‘Ramble on Rose.’ While Wacha looks mesmerized and wags his tail.

Cohen posts several videos singing some Dead when he wants to reassure his pup. Wacha even likes to throw in a few dance moves too whenever he hears Cohen sing.

Plus he likes to spoil Wacha from time to time

For most dogs, going to the dog park is a huge adventure. But for Wacha, trips to the Hamptons or even Croatia are on the agenda. Cohen posted, “Vacation starts now!” The image features Cohen laying in the sand with Wacha by his head.

Plus, Cohen recently featured Wacha dining on dog cookies served on a silver platter at Ralph Lauren. Cohen reminds followers Wacha is a rescue from the hills of West Virginia. Now he’s dining in style in Manhattan. “Look how he’s become accustomed to this,” Cohen comments. “You’re not eating dinner tonight. Spoiled.” Cohen sounds completely smitten.

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