How Is Alex Rodriguez Saying Goodbye to the Bachelor Life?

Alex Rodriguez is saying goodbye to his bachelor lifestyle in more ways than one. Him and girlfriend of two years, Jennifer Lopez, have officially announced their engagement. The couple made it Instagram official last week, and already people want to know all their plans.

The couple has been blending their families on outings and vacations for a while. They are also reportedly buying property together as well as selling off real estate that won’t fit in their new lives.

They are giving up the single life, again

For many people, the idea of getting married and giving up the single life might come with doubts or cold feet. These two have the experience of saying goodbye to the bachelor life. Jennifer Lopez has been married three other times. While her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, has also been married once before.

The two have been taking their time dating and getting to know each other for the last couple of years. Neither one wanted to jump back into a marriage that might end like their past relationships. We are also confident the pair will have an ironclad prenup ready and signed well before the I-dos.

Lopez and Rodriguez have also worked hard to make their relationship easy for the kids. They both have children from previous marriages. According to People, a source explained, “Life is all about family … Besides the fact that Jennifer and Alex always had a strong attraction to each other, this seems to be the main reason why their relationship works so well. The kids always come first for both of them.”

A-Rod says goodbye to his bachelor life and his bachelor pad

Now that the pair have decided to combine their lives together, Rodriguez has drastically lowered the price of his Sunset Strip bachelor pad. He put it up for sale in 2018. The four bedrooms, four bathrooms home, in Los Angeles, has had more than just one famous owner.  

He bought the home from Meryl Streep in 2014, for $4.8 million, according to Variety. This gorgeous property was listed for $6.5 million, just days before the couple made their engagement public. Why would he slash the price of this property so drastically? 

There are many reasons to sell off the property. Some people might speculate that because they have so many high-end properties between them, this one might be easier to give up. Another reason might be memories of past relationships. Wealthy men might get rid of multi-million dollar estates in the same manner that other men toss out their little black books. Don’t worry; they are not about to be homeless any time soon.

Lopez and Rodriguez bought a new high rise condo last year 

The price tag on the couple’s recently purchased new condo might be enough to make you faint, but these two can handle it. Variety reports they saved an impressive amount of money on this, never lived in, 36th-floor unit. The price went from $17.5 million to a $15.3 million purchase price.

The 96-story tower is simply called 432 Park Avenue, but there is nothing simple about this beautiful property. The views alone might make up for the square footage they are losing. While this 4,033 square foot, 3 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms condo is smaller than they are both used to, they will likely use this unit as a vacation house. With four children between them, this property is probably too small for full-time living.

Who knows, they might decide to buy the unit on the other half of the 36th floor. It wouldn’t surprise us to see the couple merge two families and two properties at the same time.