How Is Jennifer Aniston Only Getting Better With Age?

Is there any actress who has had a more intense relationship with the Hollywood rumor mill than Jennifer Aniston?

Ever since she shot to superstardom by portraying the quirky and lovable Rachel Green on Friends, Aniston has remained one of the most compelling women in Hollywood.

Tabloids are constantly trying to suggest that her life is less than perfect by rehashing her marriages or speculating about her child-free status, but the truth is that Aniston lives a charmed life — and she says her career is only about to get better.

So how exactly does Aniston, who recently turned 50, manage to just keep getting better and better with age?

It’s not just the fact Jennifer Aniston looks great — though she definitely does

Jennifer Aniston speaking at a press conference
Jennifer Aniston | V E Anderson/WireImage

Let’s face it — Aniston looks good! So good, in fact, that people can hardly believe she is already 50. In fact, she has recently been the subject of plastic surgery rumors, which only happens when you look so good that people aren’t willing to believe it happened naturally. But it’s not just Aniston’s incredible looks that make her feel like she has it going on.

The actress recently sat down with The New York Times to talk about her 50th birthday — she celebrated in Mexico with some of her closest gal pals — and the way she sees her career moving forward. To hear Aniston explain where she’s at in life right now, it sounds like she is in her absolute prime — and we love that for her!

Jennifer Aniston says this time in her life is very ‘creatively fulfilling’

In the interview, Aniston remarked: “I’m entering into what I feel is one of the most creatively fulfilling periods of my life. Seriously, I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I feel like it’s just about to really bloom.”

That’s not often the narrative you hear about 50-year-old actresses in Hollywood, but it definitely makes sense that Aniston would be saying that.

For one, she has a new show called The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell that is coming out on Apple TV+ soon. Apple is so positive that this show will be a big hit that they dropped a veritable fortune on it, mostly because networks were falling all over themselves to bid on Aniston’s big return to the small screen. Securing talents like Aniston and Witherspoon was also a big part of the cost since each will reportedly be making $1.1 million an episode — that’s even more than Aniston’s old Friends paycheck! 

Jennifer Aniston’s bright future isn’t just about her acting endeavors

Aniston seems optimistic about her future prospects not only because of what she plans to do in front of the camera but also because of what she plans to do behind the scenes as well. For one, she is not only the lead on The Morning Show but will also be one of its executive producers, as will Witherspoon.

Both seemed drawn to the project about life on the set of a Today-esque news show because of the way it responds to the #MeToo movement and gives both women a chance to play well-developed, fully fleshed-out characters.

As an executive producer, Aniston will have the opportunity to help steer the show in a direction that matters to her, something she didn’t always get to do in the past. Witherspoon described her as a very hands-on producer, saying that Aniston has been “involved with every set, with every costume, with every piece of casting.”

It sounds like the reason Aniston believers her career is truly only just getting started has a lot to do with this new executive role she’s taken on, and it frankly couldn’t go to a more deserving industry veteran than Aniston.