How Is Jessa Duggar Preparing For Her Third Child?

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are welcoming a new baby in late spring. This isn’t the couple’s first rodeo, but every new child requires a bit of preparation. But Jessa and Ben did reveal that the baby’s gender will play a role in their preparation and parenting process. So how are two getting ready for the newest member of their family?

Jessa Duggar family
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are expecting their third child. | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Jessa and Ben announced their pregnancy in January

The Seewald family announced in January that they would soon be welcoming their third child. Jessa posted a photo on Instagram of her with her husband and two boys informing their fans that another one was on the way. The two are currently parents to two boys; Spurgeon, who is four, and Henry, who is two. The family has always been open to having plenty of children (Jessa comes from a massive family of 19 kids), so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the couple didn’t stop after their third.

The couple would love a girl — but in terms of preparation, a boy would be easier

When it comes to preparing for a new baby, a lot of that preparation depends on the gender. Jessa wrote in a blog post that she and her husband would be absolutely thrilled to welcome a little girl. However, when it comes to toys and hand me downs, things would be much easier if the couple had a boy. They already have all of the clothes they’d need to welcome a little guy, but if the two had a girl, they’d need to do plenty of shopping and spending to make sure she had the same access to toys and clothes that her brothers had when they were born. Jessa and Ben know what they’re having, but they haven’t revealed the gender to anyone else.

She’s been soaking up family time with her two boys before welcoming the third

Ever since Jessa announced her pregnancy, it seems like she and Ben have been taking the boys on more outings than ever. She has posted several photos on Instagram of family time with the two boys. That on its own is a form of preparation; once Jessa and Ben welcome their new baby, Spurgeon and Henry won’t be the only two the parents have to focus on. Jessa is soaking up this family time before their family permanently changes.

Her extended family is likely helping her get ready for the new baby

Jessa hasn’t specifically said what she’s doing differently to prepare for a new child. However, her family is probably helping her out. Jessa has a massive family and lives close to them in Arkansas. Plus, she posted a photo of her belly at 25 weeks and noted how her sister-in-law Lauren Swanson reached out to say she was more than willing to help Jessa with the pregnancy in any way she can. (Lauren and her husband, Josiah Duggar, recently lost their first pregnancy to a miscarriage.) For now, Jessa is probably doing what any pregnant woman would do: Taking it easy and making sure to stay healthy for the baby.

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