How Joanna Gaines “Checks Herself” When It Comes to Instagram

Chip and Joanna Gaines certainly look like they have a perfect life with their five kids on Instagram. The mother has admitted that she has fallen into the pressure to make things seem that way on the platform. But this is how she now checks herself to be more real and less focused on her image.

Joanna Gaines started feeling pressure on Instagram after fame

The designer wrote in the Spring 2019 issue of Magnolia Journal that she felt a lot of pressure once she gained fame on social media.

I could feel insecurity start to creep in, and posting a photo was no longer an act of enjoying the in-the-moments of life, but rather a more calculated decision,” she said according to People.

“With every picture I found myself critiquing if there were messy backgrounds or blurry smiles,” she wrote and “Eventually, I realized that I was letting this small square on my phone become yet another thing to perfect.”

She started editing her photos to be perfect

Filters are so useful, but can also skew reality. Joanna Gaines wrote that she began to use them more along with staging photos, using better lighting, and dressing her kids differently.

Eventually she realized she couldn’t continue like that. Instagram is a platform she wants to use because of the “beauty and inspiration” found on it, but she couldn’t let it rule her life.

Gaines checks herself when she starts striving for perfection

So what does the mother do when she starts slipping back into striving for the picture-perfect image?

“Don’t get me wrong; I love to snap photos of my kids whenever it’s physically possible,” wrote Gaines. “My camera roll is constantly full because of it, but when I hear myself start to say something like ‘move slightly to the left’ just so I can get the perfect angle, that’s when I know it’s time to check myself. That means putting my phone somewhere it won’t be a distraction.”

She also added that timing has also been key of not being so focused on social media. “Perhaps I’ll post that photo in a few days when I have some distance from it and a fresh frame of mind,” explained Gaines. “Or maybe I won’t. There are no true rules or set timeline. What I can’t get back to later is the beautifully imperfect view that’s unfolding right in front of me—no edits required. “

Joanna Gaines has used Instagram in the past to talk to mothers about striving for perfection. She previously wrote in the caption of one post “I know at times it can be hard to find simple ways to connect with your kids. Especially in the tired and the hard and busy times in life.”

She then continued with “I write all this for any of you out there who may experience ‘mom-guilt’. I promise you that’s a never ending cycle that leads to nowhere. Replace the word guilt with grace.”

It sounds like she has learned multiple lessons over the years and is sharing them with others. The designer does post beautiful Instagram photos but it’s good to know that she is striving to still live her life instead of living for social media.

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