How Joe Amabile Competing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Will Affect His Relationship With ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Kendall Long

Dancing With The Stars Season 27 Cast Reveal Red Carpet At Planet Hollywood Times Square

‘Grocery Store Joe’ Amabile attends Dancing With The Stars Season 27 Cast Reveal Red Carpet At Planet Hollywood Times Square at Planet Hollywood Times Square. | Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Buca, Inc.

Joe Amabile captured viewers’ hearts as “Grocery Store Joe,” the kind, simple contestant who lasted only one night on The Bachelorette season 9. He became an overnight sensation thanks to Twitter and fans were eager to see him take another shot at love on Bachelor in Paradise season 5.

While Amabile didn’t leave engaged, he did form a strong relationship with BIP contestant Kendall Long. The two rekindled their relationship on the season finale of BIP, the same night it was officially announced Amabile would be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars season 27.

So what does Amabile’s new spot on DWTS mean for his recent reality show success? Long lives in Los Angeles and Amabile in Chicago, so the two have been dating long distance since the show’s end.

Amabile will spend time filming and competing in Los Angeles

“What if I could help you guys be together in the same city?” Host Chris Harrison asked the couple on the “After the Final Rose” episode of BIP. “I’ve procured you a spot on Dancing With the Stars,” he revealed, telling Amabile that he could keep him around Long a bit longer. Amabile accepted and the network revealed he’d be partnered with professional dancer Jenna Johnson.

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The season starts on September 24th and continues for 10 weeks of live filming. If Amabile gets voted off, however, his time in Los Angeles could get cut short. Amabile has called his dancing skills a “solid nine-and-a-half,” at first before backtracking to a solid “four.” His partner, Johnson, said he’s doing better than he lets on … they settled on a seven, so we’ll see how long he lasts on DWTS.

However, Amabile revealed he’s taking his training seriously. “I’m going to start doing some yoga. I’m very nervous,” he said after the BIP finale. “I don’ know how to dance … like, I don’t know how to dance at all. So, it’s exciting!”

He says his new girlfriend will be there to support him

Amabile made one demand of Long as he competes for the mirrorball trophy on DWTS: that she cheers him on. “She better or we are going to break up,” he told Entertainment Tonight of Long attending his performances. He quickly assured fans, “Yeah, she will be there.”

Luckily, the new couple has the support of Amabile’s dance partner, who admittedly watches Bachelor in Paradise while touring during the summer. “[Kendall] is so cute. She has been coming to some of our rehearsals. She is super supportive and so awesome,” Johnson told ET.

Watch Joe Amabile on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars Monday, September 24.

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