Here’s How Kate Middleton Really Feels About Being Queen

Kate Middleton has been married to Prince William for more than nine years, and as time goes on, things with the duke and duchess’ roles are only starting to get more serious. Though Queen Elizabeth still sits on the throne, she is getting older, which means Prince Charles is getting closer and closer to becoming king. When he does, William will be the first in line, and Kate will become queen consort. But how does she really feel about taking the throne?

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images for St James’s Palace

When William becomes king, Kate will stand by his side as queen consort

If it weren’t for William, Kate would not be queen. Her role is a bit harder to understand, since she isn’t technically an heir to the throne. When William rules, he inherits more “power” than his wife does, since he is the reigning monarch. Kate has the same social status and rank as her husband and will serve alongside him, but she doesn’t inherit the throne the way he does. Therefore, she’s known as the queen consort, or the wife of a reigning king. Should William die, Kate would not continue to rule as she is not part of the royal bloodline; the throne would go to Prince George (provided he is of age to rule).  

Sources close to Kate say she has gained a lot of confidence through the years

When Kate and William first married, she had a lot to learn. Kate came from a wealthy, high-status British family, however she definitely didn’t know how to be a royal. But those close to the duchess say that through the years, her confidence has improved greatly. “She is now more open with what she wants to say, and funnily enough, she is more relaxed as well,” a royal source revealed. “She is finding her voice.” Kate didn’t start learning how to be a part of the family from a young age the way William did. Rather, she only started attending royal events after the two were married and has needed to play catch up.

She feels prepared to take on the role

Today, Kate feels ready to stand alongside William, and that is consistently proven during all of her royal engagements. According to Glamour, the duchess now writes her own speeches and has been getting more involved with different organizations around the U.K. She sits in on meetings rather than just making appearances, and she has a deep interest in continuing the work done by the royal family. The duke and duchess recently took a trip to Pakistan, where Kate looked readier than ever to take on her future role. Right now, there are probably quite a few years before she becomes queen, but it’s clear she’s excited to step into that title.

She has become a much more hands-on person, especially with her children

When Kate had kids, she became very involved in parenting and had to learn to find the balance between being a royal and being a mother. It was likely a challenge; however, Kate has found her place as both. She loves spending time with the kids and has become their professional photographer, but she still understands the importance of succeeding in her royal duties. And in the coming years, we will continue to see her grow in both roles.