How Kate Middleton Has Changed After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Royal Exit

We all know that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge will someday be Britain’s queen consort, and she seems absolutely perfect for the role. Kate has a specific way of carrying herself, especially when she knows that the world is watching, and we have admired her for years on end.

However, now that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry have officially split from the royal family, there is no doubt that things are a bit stressful for the Duchess of Cambridge. The senior royals have been under tremendous pressure ever since Meghan and Prince Harry announced their plans to resign from their roles, as everyone worked tirelessly to figure out how things would be handled from that point on. 

Although she rarely lets it show, we can only imagine that Kate is feeling the pressure of Megxit. Her schedule is even busier than it was before as she and Prince William have to take on even more duties than they did in the past. Things are extremely different for the royals right now, especially Kate, as some people have noticed. Here is how Kate has changed after Meghan and Prince Harry’s royal exit.

Meghan and Prince Harry are no longer senior working royals

All eyes have been on Meghan and Prince Harry for months, ever since they made the shocking announcement that they planned to take a step back from royal duties. As of March 31, 2020, they have officially been independent, and, as fans are well aware, they just settled into a new home in Los Angeles, California.

According to International Business Times, the couple is hoping for more privacy as they adjust to a quiet new life with each other and their baby son, Archie Harrison. They are planning to be “financially independent,” and will work to create the life that they have wanted for quite some time now. 

Kate Middleton is pretty unhappy

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

We can only imagine that the royals were more shocked than anyone else when Meghan and Prince Harry announced their decision to leave the royal family. Kate, in particular, is not happy with the situation, as Daily Mail reports.

Megxit was extremely stressful for the Duchess of Cambridge, and she wishes things would have worked out differently. Apparently, Kate looks back at when she, Prince William, and Prince Harry were known as a “royal trio,” and she misses those days.

It is true that she and Prince Harry had a close relationship, and she wasn’t ready for him to leave. Meghan and Prince Harry’s resignation was difficult for Kate to handle, and although we can’t say what goes on behind closed doors, it appears that she is still under stress and remains unhappy about everything.

How Kate Middleton has changed after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal exit

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Kate is feeling the pressure of Megxit more than most people. In addition to having to take on more royal duties, she knows that she is being watched even more closely than she was before. It seems that now is definitely Kate’s turn to shine since more focus is on her now that Meghan and Prince Harry have left.

However, a body language expert has pointed out some significant changes in her behavior since the Sussexes royal exit. How so? Express reports that the Duchess of Cambridge appears to be presenting herself just a little differently these days. Her body language shows that she wants to be perceived as more “fun,” just like Prince Harry did for so many years.

Kate may be under pressure right now, but she has been laughing and smiling just a little more, and being more playful when she knows that people are watching. It is wonderful to see that Kate is changing for the better in order to do her best within her role in the royal family.