How Kate Middleton Has Completely Transformed Into a Confident and Driven Woman as the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton has adjusted quite well to life as a royal following her wedding with Prince William in 2011. After struggling with the constant media attention in the early days of their romance, the Duchess of Cambridge has transformed herself into a confident and driven member of the royal family. And it is all thanks to her ability to handle the everyday pressures of being a royal – that and taking things very slowly.

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge
Kate Middleton | Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Inside Middleton’s early struggles

Middleton and Prince William met at the University of St. Andrews in 2001. Their friendship quickly turned romantic and by the time they graduated in 2005 they were seriously dating.

Royal watchers expected the two to announce an engagement quickly, but Prince William did not propose until 2010. In the years leading up to the engagement, Middleton and Prince William experienced quite a few ups and downs – including a public breakup in 2007.

During those years, Kate Middleton also struggled with dealing with the constant attention from the media. The press hounded her wherever she went and labeled her as being very shy.

She also took a lot of criticism for her lack of a career, with some experts saying that she needed to get a proper job instead of just waiting for Prince William to propose. Although she struggled early in her relationship with Prince William, everything changed after they tied the knot.

Kate Middleton shows confidence and drive

It may have taken her years to adjust to life as a royal, but Middleton has certainly developed into a confident member of the royal family.

According to Express, the biggest reason why Middleton is so confident is that she did not rush into things too early. Instead, she took her time adjusting to things and did not do her first solo engagement until a year after she was married.

“Like the finest of wines, she has taken years to mature to perfection, but the woman you see today has no peers on the global stage,” an insider dished. “What people are seeing now is a confident, driven woman with a purpose.”

With each passing year, Kate Middleton added more events to her schedule, which helped her build confidence without feeling too overwhelmed. Middleton may have been labeled as shy back in the day, but she is a far cry from that now.

“These days she’s a force to be reckoned with,” the source added.

When she isn’t appearing beside Prince William at royal events, Middleton is working on her own charitable ventures. She has also done a lot to help modernize the royal family and is now one of the more popular royals.

Queen Elizabeth is a huge fan of Middleton

While fans cannot get enough of the Duchess of Cambridge, other members of the royal family are also big fans of her work.

This includes Queen Elizabeth, who is reportedly impressed with how Kate Middleton has managed to fulfill her royal duties and raise three children at the same time.

Middleton welcomed her third child, Prince Louis, last year and quickly resumed her royal duties after the birth. She is also very hands-on with raising her other two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and helps with the majority of their day-to-day activities.

Traditionally, members of the royal family have a team of nannies that help raise their children. But Middleton and Prince William are bucking that trend in a bid to give their kids as normal of a life as possible.

Kate Middleton shines during her recent tour

Middleton’s sense of confidence and determination were on full display during her and Prince William’s recent tour of Pakistan. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited several cities throughout their five-day tour, and Middleton made headlines for her fashion choices during the trip.

Royal watchers quickly took notice of how some of Middleton’s outfits were similar to what Princess Diana wore during her trip to the country in 1991.

She also rocked her clothes with a good amount of confidence, which only further showed how much she has come over the years.

Middleton and Prince William tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in 2011. As second in line to the throne, Prince William will become the King of England someday. When that happens, Middleton will take on the title of Queen Consort.

Given her transformation, Kate Middleton is clearly ready for the day Prince William takes the throne.