How Kim Kardashian Is Giving Her Kids An Unforgettable Childhood

If you’re born into the Kardashian-West family, then you’ve already won the genetic and fame lottery. Especially if you’re a Kardashian-West tot.

With the addition of their newest baby, Psalm, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have four kids. And it’s no secret that they’ll grow up with pretty much anything they could ever want.

However, there are many rich kids who have far from perfect lives. Material items and good looks only get a person so far. This is something Kardashian has thought a lot about, and she has a plan to make sure her kids have an unforgettable childhood. 

Kim Kardashian wants to give her kids an unforgettable childhood

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In a fun twist on the traditional media interview, Vogue Arabia had Kardashian’s husband, West, interview her for the cover story. Husband and wife conversations are always fun because they’re often on the same wavelength. When West asked how she wants their children to remember them, Kardashian said it’s something she thinks about all the time.

“I often reflect on the most amazing childhood I had,” Kardashian told West, “and I want them to always be able to look back and say, ‘I had the most awesome life. My parents gave me all of the tools to be great and happy in life. They were fun, good, awesome parents and they were always there.'”

Since the Kardashian-West family has plenty of money, it’d be fairly easy for them to give their children all the things they need or want. But the most interesting part of Kardashian’s answer was the last part. She stated that she wants her kids to remember her and West always being around. 

Kim Kardashian knows the importance of quality time with her kids

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Quality time with their parents is often something rich kids are short on. Parents are so often wrapped up in their career or obsessed with bringing in more money, that they forget that children need mom and dad the most. More than fancy toys or expensive clothes, kids need a parent’s love. That’s why it’s so great to hear Kardashian say this is something she focuses on. 

But Kardashian’s goal doesn’t come easy. Although many people think Kardashian is famous for doing literally nothing, she does have a demanding career. Along with her reality show and public appearances, Kardashian has several fashion and beauty ventures. There’s only so much time in a day, so how does she do it all? West asked her about this in the Vogue interview. 

“This year I had to give up a lot – like my friends and going out,” Kardashian said. “Unless we work together or have babies together that are the same age or I’ve known you my whole life, it’s really hard to stay in touch and keep up. I’ve had to change my number. I need to stay focused – I have to figure out law school, I have to launch my shapewear brand and continue to oversee all aspects of my beauty and fragrances businesses. I’ve had to cut out all of the things that took time away or did not involve God, our family, my businesses, justice reform work, or law school.”

The Kardashian-West kids have plenty of fun experiences

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Somehow, even with such a busy life, Kardashian is still giving her kids lots of unforgettable experiences. This summer alone, they went on at least two vacations: Japan and the Bahamas. And being a celebrity means that Kardashian’s kids do meet all their heroes, like when teenage icon, JoJo Siwa babysat North West or going backstage after a concert to meet Ariana Grande.

There’s no doubt that Kardashian and West’s kids will get to do tons of cool stuff during their childhood. But the best part of all is that Kardashian is always right there by her kid’s side.