How Kim Kardashian West Really Feels About Paris Hilton

Before Kim Kardashian West was Kim Kardashian West, she was Kim Kardashian: Organizer of Paris Hilton’s Closet.

Simple Life fans might remember Kardashian West making her reality TV debut, acting as Hilton’s assistant. She’s come a long way.

Kim Kardashian West and Paris Hilton | John Stanton/WireImage
Kim Kardashian West and Paris Hilton | John Stanton/WireImage

But Kardashian West doesn’t forget where she came from. And she’s loyal to a fault.

Kim Kardashian West would ‘do anything’ for Paris Hilton

In a recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians preview, we see Kim and her sister Khloé talking about their busy schedules.

“I’m so tired and I have to work all night,” Kim said to Khloé in the recent sneak peek. “I am gonna go and be in this music video with Paris for one of her new songs.”

The video Kim’s referring to is for Hilton’s single, “Best Friend’s A*s.” Kim is briefly featured in the short.

In the clip, Khloé is surprised to hear Kim has time for the video, as the 2019 Met Gala approaches as well as the arrival of Kim’s newest son, Psalm West.

“It’s so nice that you’re doing that for her,” she says.

“I really would want to do anything for her, she literally gave me a career,” the KKW Beauty mogul responded. “And I like totally acknowledge that.”

Khloé couldn’t help but comment on her sister’s loyalty.

“A lot of people, no matter how they got their success, they wouldn’t say like ‘I got my career because of Paris,’ and they wouldn’t say ‘I’m gonna do you a favor,’ ” she says to Kim. “They’d be like, ‘Haha b*tch look who’s poppin now,’ where you’re so sweet and kind, and your schedule is crazy.”

“I would drop it for [Paris] because that’s important to me, to be loyal to people,” Kim responds.

Kim Kardashian West’s falling out with Paris Hilton

But fans will remember, Kardashian West’s relationship with Hilton has had its fair share of ups and downs. Though the two were close at the start of their careers, they drifted apart in 2008.

Hilton wasn’t shy about insulting Kardashian West in the press.

In April 2008, she was quoted saying that she wouldn’t want Kardashian’s butt since it was “gross” and that it “reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” 

At the time, Kardashian West hardly brought up Hilton’s name.

But in 2014, the two seemed to reconcile in Ibiza for a party for Ricardo Tisci.

Kardashian West even documented the occasion on Instagram. She posted a photo of the two of them laughing, having a grand ol’ time.

“Reminiscing about the 1st time we went to Ibiza in 2006! @parishilton it was so good to see you & catch up!! Loves it lol,” she captioned the photo.

Fans speculated that the two drifted apart because Kardashian West began to receive more media attention that Hilton. Whatever the cause exactly, the reality stars have seemingly moved past their previous issues and, these days, actively support one another.

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