How Laura Dern Became Roommates with This Presidential Candidate

How many actors and actresses in Hollywood can say they roomed with a presidential candidate? Not many can, but industry veteran Laura Dern is one who actually did. Dern spoke recently about rooming with one of the Democrats in the race.

Laura Dern
Laura Dern | Matthew Simmons/Getty Images for Netflix

How did Laura Dern happened to room with Marianne Williamson

Dern stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her new movies Little Women and Marriage Story. During the interview, she talked about living with Marianne Williamson, who she called an “amazing” roommate.

“I, by good fortune, found her,” said Dern. “She needed a roommate at the time I had just moved out and started my acting career and we ended up roommates. Poor her because she was an adult who knew how to function and have a home and I was a teenager just figuring my way out, so I was very blessed.” A profile of Dern in The New York Times Magazine was the first to reveal that they were roommates.

Did Laura Dern almost burn down her apartment with Marianne Williamson?

Dern said that Williamson was so good of a roommate, it wasn’t a problem when she almost burned the place down!

The actress revealed, “I was running to an acting class ’cause that was my priority and left rice on. That wasn’t great, but she was even loving during even that. It was shocking but true.”

Is Marianne Williamson still in the presidential race?

Though she has not qualified for the last two debates, Williamson is still in the race to be the President of the United States. After not qualifying for the most recent debate, she tweeted, “Miss me?”

Most recently, she talked about climate change and if she thought our population was causing it. “Greenhouse gas emissions by humans is the main cause of climate change. We must transition rapidly from fossil fuels to a clean green economy. I would invest massively in energy efficiency and renewable energy. We need a WWII mass mobilization involving government, citizens, and industry. Forces that did industrial scale harm are needed to do industrial scale repair: I am uniquely qualified to enroll a large swarth of Americans in the effort. Many people make their living in fossil fuels. We need a just transition, where professional skills are repurposed not discarded,” she said.

You can see Dern in Marriage Story, which is in limited theaters now. Little Women will be out in December.