How Long After Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Will Prince Charles Have to Wait to Become King?

It’s not something anyone likes to think about but there will come a time when Queen Elizabeth II is longer with us and her son, Prince Charles, will become the king of England.

While it’s common knowledge that the prince will be the next monarch, many have questions about what will happen upon Her Majesty’s death and at what point Charles will ascend the throne. Here are the answers to exactly what will happen when the queen passes away.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles | Jonathan Brady/ AFP/ Getty Images

What will happen when Queen Elizabeth passes away

Of course, no one knows how the queen will die but as the Guardian noted, the palace envisions Her Majesty being surrounded by doctors and loved ones and passing away after a brief illness. The queen’s senior doctor, gastroenterologist Huw Thomas, will be in charge of who can go into her room at which time and when the information of her death should be made public.

There are several rules Queen Elizabeth has laid out that should be carried out once she passes from how long she should be mourned to what should be played on public television. When the time comes, the news will be broadcast immediately unless she dies in the middle of the night. If that happens the announcement will be made early the following morning.

The Daily Beast reported that “Every senior BBC presenter has to have a dark suit and black tie on standby in which to announce the death of a senior member of the royal family.”

There will then be 12 official days of mourning and the queen’s body will lie in state for those days. During this time the BBC cannot air any comedies or other humorous programs. In fact, Her Majesty has already handpicked several documentaries about her life to be played on the network.

When Charles becomes king

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth has been the monarch since 1952 and when the time comes, Charles will be ready to take over the role because it is something that he has been prepped for his whole life.

The prince is the longest-serving heir apparent in the British royal family’s history and as first in line to the throne, he will automatically become the king of England the moment his mother takes her last breath. This is to ensure that the throne is never vacant.

Although he will succeed her the same day, his official coronation likely won’t take place until a few months later. The reason is due to the tradition of allowing an appropriate length of time between a monarch’s passing and holding a celebration to crown their heir.

A few changes that will go into effect will be altering Britain’s national anthem from “God Save The Queen” to “God Save The King,” and issuing new stamps and banknotes as well as coins with an image of the male monarch.

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