How Long Before Khloe Kardashian Gets Over Tristan Thompson Completely?

By now, we are sure that everyone has heard about the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods cheating scandal. This scandal not only broke up a family but it has also put some serious strain on Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship.

While this is hardly the first time that Tristan has been caught cheating, the fact that he chose to do it with someone that was a close family friend took his ordinary acts of betrayal to a whole new level. 

Although Khloe probably wishes that she could go the rest of her life without ever seeing Tristan again, that is probably not going to be possible, given the fact they share a daughter together.

So, how long will it take for Khloe’s heartbreak to healing and will it take longer to get over him because she will have to see him regularly? While there is no way to give an answer to this question with 100 percent accuracy, we can take a look at their current interactions with each other to get a good idea of when Khloe will be able to get over Tristan.

Khloe still feels uncomfortable around Tristan

On April 14, Khloe’s daughter, True, celebrated her first birthday. The 34-year-old Keeping up with the Kardashians star went all out for the special occasion. The venue was decorated with giant pastel-colored balloons, there was a fog machine at the entrance to make the guest feel as if they were clouds, and the cake was decorated with a simple white frosting and colorful butterflies. 

All of Khloe’s close friends and family came to True’s birthday party. One person that many were surprised to see had made the guest list was True’s father, Tristan Thompson. Although True and Tristan were able to spend some quality time together at the party, there was still some awkward moments that were witnessed by other partygoers whenever Tristan and Khloe were seen together.

One video that Khloe had uploaded to her Instagram stories showed what looked like Tristan trying to take True out of Khloe’s arms so that he could hold her for a while. Instead of causing a scene and telling Tristan to go away, Khloe can be seen ignoring him and then turning away from him completely, while still holding onto to True, to talk to a little girl about the flavor of the cake.

A source that was at the party told Hollywood Life that Khloe really doesn’t want to be anywhere near Tristan, but she is trying to be civil with him for the sake of their daughter. “There are still so many raw emotions going through Khloe’s mind that if they were at a regular party and True wasn’t there then Khloe would have wanted to get out of there even faster,” the source revealed. “But since it was all for True, it made it a little easier.”

How long before Khloe gets over Tristan completely?

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When Khloe loves someone, she loves them with everything she has. This makes it extremely hard for her to get over a breakup. However, if her past relationships are any indication, it looks like she will finally get over Tristan for good once she meets a new man. 

One of her longest relationships was with ex-husband Lamar Odom. The two had only dated for about a month before getting married in 2009. However, due to his reckless behavior and substance abuse problems, Khloe had filed for divorce in 2013. Their divorce was not finalized until 2016.

During that three-year period, Khloe had dated two other men: hip-hop artist, French Montana, and basketball star James Harden. Both of those relationships ended before her divorce in 2016. Shortly after she was officially divorced, she met Tristan Thompson. For Khloe, it seems as if finding new love is the only way for her to get over an old love.

Now that she has a daughter to take care of, she will probably take her time finding a new romance. Just by looking at her Instagram stories, we can see that her daughter, family, and close friends are helping her keep her sanity during this difficult time. 

Because she has so many wonderful people in her life right now to help lift her spirits and make her feel loved, she may not need to find a new romance in order to get over Tristan.