How Long Did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Date Before Getting Engaged?

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez just announced their engagement. The high-profile couple has seemed incredibly in love since they first began a romantic relationship. But how long did the two date before deciding to get married?

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alez Rodriguez just announced their engagement. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Lopez and Rodriguez first met back in 2005

Lopez and Rodriguez are two people who are famous for very different things but both equally well known. Lopez is an established singer and actress while Rodriguez had a very successful baseball career for years. The two first met back in 2005. They crossed paths at a baseball game when Lopez, who was married to Marc Anthony at the time, attended a New York Yankees game (the team for which Rodriguez played) with her then-husband. Rodriguez was also married at the time. They shook hands, but the interaction was very innocent.

In early 2017, the couple reconnected, and Rodriguez wasted no time asking Lopez out to dinner

By the time the two were in the same place again, more than a decade had passed and both of them were single. According to Cosmopolitan, Lopez spotted Rodriguez outside of a Beverly Hills restaurant and said she felt compelled to say hello to him. They spoke briefly, and Rodriguez reportedly told Lopez she looked beautiful before the two parted ways. But later that night, he called her and asked her out to dinner. The couple dated low-key for a couple of months, then in March 2017, a source close to the singer said the couple had been dating for a little while.

The couple said a while back that they were in no rush to get married

Since their first date, the sparks haven’t seemed to stop between the two. They’ve made several public appearances together, and Rodriguez has been Lopez’s biggest fan during some of her high-profile performances, such as when he was nonstop recording her during her 2018 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. The two of them each have two kids, and their families have seemed to blend nicely. The couple has taken several romantic getaways together, but it seemed like they were in no rush to get married. “We’re happy. We’re taking it day-by-day. And it’s great,” Lopez said in a December 2018 interview.

In March 2019, about two years after they started dating, they announced their engagement

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Despite Lopez making it seem like they weren’t headed down the aisle any time soon, the two got engaged about two years after they began dating. Lopez has been married a few times before, and Rodriguez has been in several high-profile relationships through the years, so it makes sense that the two waited a full two years before taking the next step in their relationship. Each of them posted a photo on Instagram holding hands and showing off a massive diamond ring on Lopez’s hand. The two haven’t released any wedding details yet, but it’s safe to say they seem like a match made in heaven.

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