How Long Has Wendy Williams Been With Her Husband?

Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter have been in the news quite a lot lately due to Hunter’s alleged affair involving a mistress named Sharina Hudson.

Williams also has come out and told everyone that, despite all the news and rumors, she is not leaving her husband anytime soon. “He’s my best friend, he’s my lover, he’s all this and he’s all that,” she said.

The two seems quite close, so just how long has Wendy Williams been with Kevin Hunter?

Wendy Williams got married twice

Wendy Williams
Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Some might be surprised to know that Kevin Hunter was not actually Wendy Williams’ first husband. She had been married once before to a man whose identity is still a mystery. Wendy Williams referred to him as Robert Morris III in her book Wendy’s Got the Heat and said that he was a 6’3″ salesman. Williams and her first husband got married in 1994 but quickly divorced four months later in 1995.

Wendy Williams then started dating Kevin Hunter, who was her manager in the 1990s. They eventually got married in November 1997, which means that the couple has been married for almost 22 years now.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter have a son together

In 2000, Wendy Williams gave birth to a baby boy named Kevin Hunter Jr.

Life has been rough for Wendy Williams’ son as well. She had shared that Kevin Hunter Jr. went through a time when he was addicted to K-2 (also called synthetic marijuana) in high school.

“He was exposed by a loved one who he looked up to,” Williams told her audience last year on the Wendy Williams Show. “He got turned out to the point where he went off the rail.”

Fortunately, Wendy Williams and her husband intervened in time to get their son the help he needed. Kevin Hunter Jr. was taken out of the country for “holistic treatment”, as Williams described on her show. Because of his parents’ effort, he was able to recover from his addiction.

“Drugs are drugs and that K-2 was really something else and you know I’m glad to say we were able to bring him back all the way around,” Wendy Williams said to ET.

Wendy Williams’ husband’s mistress gave birth recently

Despite the fact that Wendy Williams and her husband got their son to successfully overcome his addiction, things have not been looking great when it comes to the marriage between the couple themselves.

News reports revealed that Sharina Hudson, Kevin Hunter’s mistress, gave birth to a baby girl recently. This came after more than a year of allegations concerning Kevin Hunter’s infidelity. He was said to have been involved with Hudson for more than ten years and even bought a house for his mistress.

But this also was not the first time that Kevin Hunter had been unfaithful. Wendy Williams herself revealed many years ago in her book Wendy’s Got the Heat that he cheated on her just shortly after their son was born. However, she chose to forgive him back then and did not regret it.

Even through the recent affair allegations concerning Sharina Hudson, Wendy Williams still told everyone that she is sticking by her husband.

In an episode from 2017, Wendy Williams told her audience, “You can believe what you want,” before flashing her wedding ring, signifying that she was not paying attention to the tabloids and not planning on leaving Kevin Hunter.

In a more recent episode from March 2019, she referred to the latest affair as simply a part of the ups and downs that couples go through: “Anybody who’s been married for five minutes or 500 years, you know marriages have ebbs and flows. Marriages are not easy.”