How Long Have Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Been Married?

When it comes to unlikely pairs, no two people do it better than Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. From the start, fans on both sides of the aisle were blindsided by the pairing and many people predicted the relationship would fail quickly.

On top of them seemingly being from two different worlds, there was a lot of attention on Kidman’s previous relationship to Tom Cruise. Though she was married to Cruise for more than a decade, they had many problems, and most of them were splashed across tabloid magazines.

To make matters worse, Urban was also getting attention for his rumored alcoholism. So, how have the pair kept their marriage strong? What do they do differently than other Hollywood couples? And, how long have Kidman and Urban been married?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban married soon after meeting

It has been said that when Kidman knows what she wants, she goes out and gets it. Case in point: Her relationship with Keith Urban. Most couples spend time vetting each other before thinking about tying the knot. They want to get to know each other to make sure they are compatible.

Not these two. They were married about a month after dating. When Kidman was asked about her quick nuptials, she said that she likes the idea of getting married first, then getting to know each other second. 

She also stated that they were both two lonely people that found each other at the right time. They might have been able to last this long because they were both in a low place at the time of meeting each other. 

Nicole Kidman says marriage wasn’t always easy

As soon as the two tied the knot, it was clear to Kidman that her new husband had a substance abuse problem. In fact, just a month after getting married she planned an intervention. She set it up with all his close friends surrounding him for support.

Urban later admitted himself into rehab for alcoholism. He has since stated that it is due to his wife that he is clean and sober. The List reports Urban saying: “I was very, very blessed to have Kidman call an intervention on me. I had a tight group of friends around me for the intervention. And off I went.”

This is how Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban make it work

With all of today’s technology, you would think that two busy celebrities would use any and all means to communicate with each other. Kidman and Urban do it differently: they refuse to communicate through text or email.

They believe that hearing each other’s voice helps them stay close and intimate even when they are worlds away. Another way that the pair like to communicate is with handwritten letters. Kidman reports that her husband likes to write her a love letter for every day they are apart for work. 

How long have Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban been married?

Although the Aussie natives have been through ups and downs, they seem to have the right tools to make their relationship last. They have been together for 12 years now, and nothing seems to be in their way. 

They have also been fortunate enough to welcome two babies into their lives. Sunday Rose Urban is 10, and Faith Margaret Urban is 8-years-old. They often wonder how many kids they would have had if they had met when they were younger. While Kidman was able to carry their first child, Faith needed to be carried by a surrogate.

These two love birds had a fast and rough start, but it looks like they have it figured out now. Watching them gush over each other at award shows and anyone can tell they’re the real deal.