How Losing Princess Diana Will Make Prince Harry an Even Better Father

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a new son, and nothing will ever be the same for their growing family. Archie Harrison was welcomed into this world by two very happy, loving parents.

For a long time, people speculated how Prince Harry would handle fatherhood after living in the shadow of his mother’s tragic death for so long. He was after all, only 12-years-old at the time. He was also the brother that seemed to take her passing the hardest.

Now that we saw the love and joy in his eyes while introducing his son to the world, we can see just how much Prince Harry cares for his new family.

Prince Harry lost his mother at a young age

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Joe Giddins – WPA Pool/Getty Images

When Princess Diana died in 1997, the entire world mourned. She was the People’s Princess, and for her two sons, she was their rock.

It was not unusual for Diana to take her boys to McDonald’s, parks, and other public places. She also played with them, which was uncommon for royalty at the time. The rigid rules of the palace didn’t stop her from trying to give William and Harry as normal a childhood as possible.

It wasn’t easy for her to live under the confines and when she left Prince Charles, the British press and the world media ramped up their pressure. It was this escalating pressure from the press and paparazzi that ultimately killed her. While traveling in France, a member of the paparazzi was trying to get a photo of her and her boyfriend when an accident caused her death. At only 15 and 12, the two prince’s were without their mother.

How Princess Diana’s loss affected Prince Harry

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At 12-years-old, Harry lost his mother. He wasn’t given much time to grieve, because the public and the media were watching all the royals like a hawk. To make matters worse, there was near-constant coverage of the tragedy in every newspaper and on every television channel.

Everywhere he turned someone was talking about the People’s Princess, and how sad it was that the boys would not have their mother. Over the years people speculated that Harry had a harder time dealing with the loss than his older brother William.

He was often caught on camera doing things he shouldn’t be doing. Most of the drama involved partying, including an infamous photo of the young prince dressed as a Nazi in 2005, as reported by PEOPLE. All this rebellion was often seen as a cry for help, and he was usually given a slap on the wrist, because of his loss.

The misbehavior was likely because from the start the public and the palace pegged William as being more like his father, while Harry was always closer to his mother. Even today, people talk about Harry having a genuine warmth and a more relaxed personality like the late Princess Diana.

How losing Princess Diana will make Prince Harry an even better father

According to a royal expert, Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, Harry will be a much more attentive father. “We’ve got to remember for people who have lost their parents in childhood it gives extra significance once they’ve become parents themselves,” said Larcombe, in an interview.

He also talked about Harry wanting to do the things that he remembered doing with his mother, before her death. “When Harry is the hands-on dad that I’m sure he will be, he’ll remember all the special times he had, all the fun things he did with his mother, and this little boy will have one hell of an upbringing because Harry will throw everything he does into his family.”

This might explain why he and Meghan Markle have worked so hard to keep their relationship, and their pregnancy as normal and private as possible. We can already see that Harry intends on putting his growing family first, just like Diana did.