How Many Episodes Are Left in ‘AHS: 1984’?

It’s been a gnarly few weeks at Camp Redwood ⁠— literally. With so much action, fans are wondering how this season of American Horror Story will end. Specifically, what will be the fate of characters like Margaret Booth and Brooke? How many episodes are left in American Horror Story’s ninth season, AHS: 1984? When does the season finale premiere? Here’s what we know about these totally tubular episodes of FX’s award-winning horror series.

This article contains minor spoilers from American Horror Story: 1984!

'American Horror Story: 1984' installation at the FX Fearless Forum
‘American Horror Story: 1984’ installation at the FX Fearless Forum | Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for FX

‘American Horror Story: 1984’ premiered on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019

This season of American Horror Story was filled with music of the 1980s and splashed with blood. Based on the slasher movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Sleepaway Camp, this season featured a cast of characters spending their summer as counselors at a local summer camp. Needless to say, their summer didn’t go as planned.

AHS: 1984 premiere during September 2019 and each week, the plot thickened with killers like Mr. Jingles and the Night Stalker on the loose. Now, fans are wondering how many episodes are left in this season of the award-winning series.

There are nine episodes in the ninth season of ‘American Horror Story,’ entitled ‘AHS: 1984’

Some speculate that Sarah Paulson could make a cameo during an episode of this season. However, the actress has not appeared during AHS: 1994 as of the seventh episode. However, this season of American Horror Story holds nine episodes, starring fan-favorite alumni like Lily Rabe, Emma Roberts, and Leslie Grossman. Other cast members include Cody Fern, Billie Lourd, and Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy.

Additionally, American Horror Story reached its 100th episode with this season, complete with an episode detailing Richard Ramirez (also known as the Night Stalker’s,) arrest. The final episode of this series is entitled “The Final Girl” and presumably discusses the fate of the remaining living characters, like Brooke.

Fans are excited to see how this season of ‘American Horror Story’ will end

It has been a rough few weeks for the counselors of Camp Redwood, and fans loved every second of it. There’s been a few twists and challenges for characters like Brooke and Donna. The finale of AHS: 1984 premieres on Nov. 13, 2019, and some fans have taken to Twitter, sharing their love for this season of FX’s horror series.

“Of all the amazing slaughter-fest [American Horror Story] has been, I relished every second, but this scene was so deep and emotionally disturbing I found it the most hard scene to stomach yet,” said one fan on Twitter, of Mr. Jingles’ conversation with his mother. “Bravo, AHS, and touché.”

“I have so many thoughts but really it all boils down to this: episodes like that are why this franchise has been my favorite from the jump. #AHS1984″ wrote another Twitter user.

New episodes of American Horror Story premiere Wednesdays at 10 p.m EST on FX. Additionally, fans can binge the whole season on Other seasons of American Horror Story, including 2018’s Apocalypse, are available for streaming on Netflix.