Here’s How Many Episodes Gunther Was in on ‘Friends’ and Where He Is Now

From Janice to Frank Jr. Jr. to Mike Hannigan, Friends fans know the show would be nothing without its large supporting cast. Perhaps one of the most significant supporting roles on the show was Gunther, aka James Michael Tyler. The Central Perk barista was always there to jump in on coffee house conversations, pine for Rachel Green’s (Jennifer Aniston) attention, and sometimes even offer advice to the starring cast. As a result, he was in the most episodes out of any other supporting cast member.

Curious to know how many episodes Gunther was in on Friends? Keep reading to find out!

Gunther (James Michael Tyler) on Friends

Gunther was the most significant supporting role on Friends. | Netflix

Who is Gunther in Friends

Although he wasn’t a starring role, Gunther was one of the most memorable characters on Friends. The coffee barista was always there to offer comic relief whenever the fab six sat on their infamous orange couch at Central Perk. Gunther was also in love with Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green and always pining for her love — and, understandably, mad at Rachel’s love interest, Ross Geller (David Schwimmer).

Also, he had a lot in common with Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc). When Joey lost his job on Days of Our Lives, Gunther revealed he was a washed up soap opera star that once played Bryce on All My Children.

How many episodes was Gunther in on ‘Friends’

It’s no secret that Friends had a large supporting cast — many of which made multiple appearances throughout the series. That said, no one made as many cameos as Central Perk’s beloved Gunther. Aside from the starring cast, Gunther was in the most episodes (after all, the cast was seemingly always at his place of work). According to James Michael Tyler’s IMDb, the coffee barista appeared in 147 out of 236 Friends episodes.

Gunther (James Michael Tyler) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) on Friends

James Michael Tyler gets syndication royalties from his role on Friends. | Netflix

James Michael Tyler Net Worth

While he isn’t making $20 million per year from Friends like his co-star Jennifer Aniston, James Michael Tyler does well for himself — and is certainly worth more than his character, Gunther. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the famous Central Perk barista is worth $500 thousand.

‘Friends’ Royalties

In 2000, Friends made history when it became the first television show to offer its cast syndication royalties, regardless of their involvement off-air. Before this, stars received royalties if they were part owners of the show (i.e., Seinfeld). Even though the show has been off-air for over a decade, the show’s cast members — including James Michael Tyler — still generate a significant chunk of their net worth from Friends royalties.

In addition to cast members, Friends makes Warner Bros quite a bit of money, too. Today, the hit television series generates approximately one billion dollars per year.

Gunther (James Michael Tyler) on Friends

James Michael Tyler opens replica Central Perk coffee shops around the world. | Netflix

Where Gunther is now

After Friends, James Michael Tyler continued his supporting actor career with appearances on Scrubs, iCarly, and a few short movies. He also works closely with various charities, including the AIDS Project and Lili Claire Foundation. In addition to his acting and charitable efforts, James Michael Tyler also helps open Central Perk replica coffee shops around the world.

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