How Many Homes Do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Own?

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West have indeed built an empire. Between Kim’s makeup line, Kanye’s sneaker empire, and the family’s participation in reality shows, it should come as no surprise that the pair is rolling in the money. Not only are they rich, but they are smart with their money, too. Kanye and Kim, since their marriage in 2014, have been amassing real estate holdings worth millions. So, where exactly do Kim and Ye lay their head down at night?

The monochromatic mansion

Kim and Kanye own a monochromatic mansion located in Los Angeles. The family bought the $20 million home in Hidden Hills recently and have settled into family life; the home has had a ban on filming since it’s purchase. Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West agreed to keep the house private so that it could serve as a family retreat, rather than another filming location.

Kanye broke ranks when he posted several photos of the home in 2018 on Twitter. The pictures have since been removed, but the glimpse into the family’s private oasis featured a view of a monochromatic room, sparsely¬†decorated with a white grand piano. The white floors, white walls, and white furniture were accented with pops of red flowers hanging from the ceiling.

The property, which is stretched across three acres, has two swimming pools, two spas, and a private vineyard. The pair also purchased the house next door for additional privacy. The Hidden Hills home serves as the Wests’ primary residence.

A Home in Kanye’s hometown

Kanye tweeted in 2018 that he was planning to head home to Chicago to put down some roots. The rapper mentioned during an appearance that he was ready to head home to the Midwest, sending the Twitterverse into hysterics. Whether or not Kim is happy about the plans to take the family to the middle of the country remains to be seen.

West, however, has been spotted in Naperville, a wealthy enclave of Chicago. While in Naperville, Kanye stopped at local businesses to enjoy food and drinks. He looked very much the local in the town, leaving many residents to wonder if he was scoping out the real estate scene. TMZ reported that Kanye and Kim have already purchased a home in the Windy City, but where exactly it’s located is still a mystery.

While West claims he’ll be moving home, sources believe that the family will still spend the lion’s share of their time in Hidden Hills, where North, Saint, and Chicago will be educated. West, however, has been spending more time in the Midwest, particularly with his dad, which may be one of the reasons for the sudden interest in Midwestern real estate.

The Miami condo

Khloe and Kourtney may have taken Miami in a season of their reality show, but Kim is looking to be the queen of the beach now. Kanye allegedly purchased Kim a Miami condo for Christmas. The condo sits directly on the beach and is the most exclusive luxury condominium in the city.

The four-bedroom, five-bathroom property offers spectacular views of the ocean from a private terrace. At 4,700 square feet, the condo’s footprint isn’t tiny, and neither is its price tag. While the deal is not yet complete, the property was listed for over $15 million. As new residents, Kanye and Kim will have access to a bevy of amenities, including a private beach, spa and fitness center.

Faena House is an 18-story luxury housing tower. The space-ship like outside appearance would appear to appeal to Kanye’s minimalistic and futuristic stylings. Its location sitting directly on the beach is nothing to sneeze at, either.