How Many Kids Do Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Have Together?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds pose
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds pose | Blake Lively via Instagram

They are considered to be one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, with chemistry, talent, and beauty to spare. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are true couple goals and have been together for over eight years. Their love for each other is matched only by their obvious love for their adorable children, and while they generally keep the youngsters well away from the spotlight, fans have been able to catch a glimpse or two of the children in the past several years.

How did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds meet?

While Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds first met way back in 2010, while they were both still involved with other people (Lively with her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley and Reynolds married to fellow A-list actor Scarlett Johansson.) Later that same year, both Lively and Reynolds split with their respective partners, and by early 2011, both stars were single.

The first rumors of them as a couple began swirling in the summer of 2011, and things moved quickly after that. In September 2012, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tied the knot in a stunning surprise ceremony in South Carolina. While they enjoyed several years of togetherness before beginning their family, they both admitted that they were excited to have children together. By October 2014, the pair were expecting their first child.

How old are their children?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their daughter James, named after Reynolds’ father, in December 2014, and another daughter, Inez, in September 2016. Whether or not they will have more children than the two they currently have has not been publicly discussed by either Reynolds or Lively, but both of them come from larger families, and it’s quite possible that they will want to recreate that busy, loving experience in their own family.

There are certainly challenges to being parents, and Lively in particular has been open about how hard she worked to lose the baby weight that she had gained and to get back to her pre-pregnancy body. 

What type of parents are they?

Reynolds and Lively prefer to keep their two children away from the glare of the paparazzi and social media. However, like any proud parents, there are certain special moments where fans get to receive a glimpse of the adorable little girls. One such moment was when Ryan Reynolds received his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Blake Lively and both children were in attendance at the ceremony, with James, who was two at the time, stealing the spotlight by running around, stealing the microphone, and babbling adorably. Fans loved how little James seems to be the spitting image of Blake Lively, with bouncing golden curls and a sassy attitude. Baby Inez was revealed in photographs to be chunky and cute, wearing a simple blue outfit.

Reynolds also enjoys sharing anecdotes about the cute things his children do on his Twitter, much to their fan’s delight. However, Lively and Reynolds have both admitted that in general, they don’t want their kids growing up in the Hollywood scene. In an interview with Fatherly, Reynolds said that he doesn’t even want his daughters to consider a career in show business. He compared putting young children through the paces of a child star is comparable to child abuse, and thinks that Hollywood is much too crazy for children to experience. So while fans of Reynolds and Lively can’t expect to see young James or Inez co-starring with their parents in films anytime soon, they can continue to follow their favorite couple on social media for those rare glimpses of their cute, blond children.