How Many Kids Does Kelly Clarkson Have?

If you had to list the top five pop voices of the 2000s and 2010s, you’d certainly place Kelly Clarkson at any notch in that category. Her voice is instantly recognizable and can handle almost any type of song. On top of it, we know Clarkson as a likeable celebrity who never meets a person she doesn’t like while judging on The Voice.

Outside of her affable personality, we only know her family life from the outside without a lot of media attention. We all remember when Kelly was pregnant with her children. Some of you may have lost track on how many children she has now.

Take a look at her brood, including being a stepmom to a couple of them.

Gaining two children before having her own

You may remember when Clarkson married music manager Brandon Blackstock in 2013. This was twelve years after Clarkson won American Idol and became an instant singing superstar with staying power.

One thing she didn’t wait to do is have kids. However, she gained two stepchildren by marrying Blackstock. He had two kids from a previous marriage who were already beyond preschool age.

The first stepchild is a stepdaughter named Savannah. She was almost a preteen when Clarkson married Blackstock, making only a 20-year difference between stepdaughter and stepmother.

Clarkson’s other stepchild is a stepson named Seth. He’s just now becoming a preteen, which obviously gave Kelly a testing ground to determine how she’d handle motherhood before having her own kids.

Clarkson’s first newborn

It only took a year for Clarkson to have a child of her own with Blackstock. This was a daughter named River Rose, born June 12, 2014. Hard to believe she’ll be five years old already this coming summer.

As you can see, Clarkson (and Blackstock) haven’t been afraid to post pictures of all their kids on Instagram. There isn’t any denying River Rose was a cute baby and one who seemed destined to be in front of a camera later in life.

In fact, Clarkson recently said she thinks River Rose will run a company someday because she’s so “ballsy.” Two children books were written by Clarkson honoring her natural daughter.

Clarkson’s next newborn

Two years later, Clarkson had a son named Remington Alexander. He was just as telegenic in front of a camera, but probably had no choice considering how many Instagram pics his parents have posted.

Clarkson and Blackstock were lucky to have Remington, because Kelly had some difficulties with her pregnancies. Despite losing 40 lbs. after her pregnancy and continuing a hot streak in the music industry, it hasn’t changed the mind of Clarkson in deciding not to have more natural-born kids.

Reports are they decided not to have more due to the health risks. Still, we wonder if they’ll follow the lead of something This is Us has been promoting to America lately.

Would Clarkson and Blackstock adopt more kids?

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Clearly, Clarkson and Blackstock love kids. We’re also happy to see Clarkson’s stepkids get along so well with their stepmom. In that regard, you have to wonder if they’d all agree to adoption.

With NBC being the new home for Kelly on The Voice, no doubt she’s taken notice of This is Us’s push to adopt as a major benefit to families. A lot of people who haven’t thought about it as an option perhaps have been inspired to adopt thanks to the show.

Maybe we’ll see the Blackstocks go this route since they seem open to adding more kids to the household.

Let’s hope so, because Kelly Clarkson seems to embody the American dream of having it all with a rare, well-adjusted family.