How Many Kids Does Michael Strahan Have?

A pro football player who has reinvented himself as a television personality, Michael Strahan has become one of the faces of Good Morning America, well known for his gap-toothed smile and jovial manner. He’s a rare case in the entertainment business, as he is able to maintain a thriving career and a healthy family life.

Michael Strahan’s football highlights

Strahan was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and started playing football during his high school senior year. He advanced quickly in the game and became an NFL prospect while in college. In 1993, Strahan was drafted by the New York Giants and began his NFL career in grand style. During his time in the game, Strahan earned numerous awards and honors, including being named the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2001 and NFC Defensive Player of the Year in both 2001 and 2003. Strahan was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014.

Eventually, Strahan started thinking about life after football. Though he was still in his prime, in 2008, Strahan retired from football. For several years after his retirement, he performed as a commentator and presenter for various sports-related TV shows and quickly became a familiar face for television audiences around the world. 

Strahan’s television gigs

In 2010, Strahan acted as a guest host for the popular daytime TV show Live! With Regis and Kelly. His bubbly personality and natural affinity for the camera endeared him to audiences, and in 2012, Strahan was announced as Kelly Ripa’s new co-host. For over four years, Strahan and Ripa entertained the crowd on Live! With Kelly and Michael. In 2016, there was a bit of a shakeup, as Strahan moved on to Good Morning America as a contributor, eventually landing his very own spinoff show, Strahan and Sara, with his co-host Sara Haines. 

How many children does Strahan have?

In spite of an incredibly busy work schedule, Strahan makes plenty of time for family. Strahan has been married several times and been in a number of high-profile relationships. He shares two children with his first ex-wife, Wanda Hutchins, a daughter named Tanita who was born in 1992 and a son, Michael Anthony Strahan, Jr., born in 1995. 

Hutchins and Strahan divorced in 1996, and Strahan moved on with his second wife, Jean Muggli, whom he married in 1999. Muggli and Strahan welcomed twin daughters in 2004, but the baby girls didn’t bring about marital bliss for the pair. They divorced in 2006, a high-profile divorce that made headlines mainly for the revelation of Muggli’s extravagant spending habits.

Strahan’s current relationship 

Since the dissolution of his marriage to Muggli, Strahan has had several girlfriends. He was briefly engaged to Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s famous ex-wife, but the two never made it to the altar. Currently, Strahan is dating a much-younger woman named Kayla Quick. The two have reportedly been together for several years, and are often seen around town or catching up during a romantic date night. The relationship has not been without controversy – Quick has a criminal past that includes multiple arrests for crimes including grand theft. 

No matter how his previous relationships might have ended up, Strahan loves spending time with his children. He claims that more than anything, his life revolves around his family and that his kids give him strength. He’s also proud of how close his four children are with each other, in spite of having two different mothers, and he admits that the father has a very important role to play in the family dynamic. No matter what the future holds for Michael Strahan’s career on television, this charming father of four will surely continue to charm the nation!